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Why men are afraid of self-confident women

Indecisive and insecure men are afraidThat a woman will feel their fear. They are afraid of being abandoned, rejected, because this greatly hurts their self-esteem. They are afraid of being ignorant.

Why men are afraid of self-confident womenIt is meaningless? Yes, because such a woman is a real treasure for family life, the birth and upbringing of children. She will act wisely and rationally in any situation. For the sake of preserving the family, such a woman is capable of much, because she understands its importance and knows the value. A strong woman will behave so that a man feels himself the head of the family and will not allow him to be "under the heel." She will let him know that the decisive word is behind him.

Confident women know how to helpA man to overcome his fear, uncertainty, doubt, know how to improve his self-esteem. Strong women will not show their superiority over men. Why would she even have to prove anything to anyone? She works on herself and self-asserted.

In business, women reach men faster than menSuccesses. Natural qualities help to react faster and adapt to changes. Women are quicker than men to adapt in a new situation, they like to experiment and this is only to their advantage. Flexibility of mind and intuition help women to surpass men in different spheres of activity.

A woman, feeling towards herselfInjustice, confidently begins the struggle and wins. Confident women know how to properly present themselves, follow their appearance, they know how to prolong youth. They are able not only to defend their opinions, but also to admit a mistake, if they are not right.

Modern woman will not tie a relationshipWith any man, just not to be alone. She believes that it's better to be alone than with anyone and do the right thing! A confident woman knows her own worth and the men are afraid of it. Men are afraid of women's desire for sexual satisfaction. They misunderstand that this is important not only for relationships, but also, especially for women's health. Afraid not to live up to expectations, the man avoids contact.

Men are afraid of women who are very good to themBecause they feel deceit, believe that in this way women try to take him under control. Men are afraid of self-serving women and lose sight of the fact that a self-confident woman is usually self-sufficient.

Men are afraid Very attractive women. They are afraid that they will disappoint a woman, which is notCorrespond to the desired parameters. Many men find beautiful women easily accessible. Men are afraid to respond to provocative questions, they are afraid of heart-to-heart talks. The Men Beware of being subordinated to a woman-Chief, because they can not exert pressure on her if they disagree with something. They are very confused by the leadership of women. A confident woman will not allow herself to be humiliated, and a man is afraid of her aggression. Men are afraid of women's bad mood, they are afraid that they will be forced to impose their opinion.

Only weak men are afraid of self-confidentWomen. Real men exist, they are not afraid of strong women, but they do not like masculine representatives of the fair sex. So be not only strong and confident, but also attractive!

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