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Is it worth it to tolerate rudeness of her husband

Cardinally solve the issue of the severance of relationsIt's never too late, but it's the worst case scenario. What caused this unnatural behavior? Just do not be sulky or silent. By itself, do not decide anything. Do you think to get mad and calm down? It's not like that at all. Try to gently and unobtrusively figure it out. If something goes wrong at work, cheer up the words that it's all temporary. Can it have a midlife crisis? Make him understand that you fully support him, that you are his partner and companion, that together you will cope with all the problems.

If there was a situation when the spouse sat down on yourNeck, you, like a bee and work and lead the entire household, and he is not so and everything is not so, then is it worth to suffer rudeness from her husband? If he not only does not work, he also drinks, God forbid, invites you into the house of dubious friends. Do you need such a freeloader? Most likely, you, having calmed down a little, decide that it is better than such without any husband at all. Think - who is better? You are constantly aggrieved, offended by insults, if there are children, they suffer even more in such an environment. It turns out that it's better for your husband. Start, finally respect yourself! You and your children are created in order to live happily! Drive him away and in no case do not regret. When he, let verbally, mocks you, he does not spare or respect you. Remember that you deserve the best!

To suffer rudeness of the husband in no event it is impossible. You, first of all, start to dig into yourself, trying to find faults both in yourself and in communication with him, and you yourself impose complexes. Complexes is uncertainty. Your husband, seeing that you have begun to become isolated in yourself, will feel victory. This will make him even more excited, and he will be sure that he is doing the right thing. Never cry with him, even if you can not hold back emotions. In no case do not involve in solving the problems of your girlfriends, as well as parents, both your own and your husband. With their advice, they will further complicate your relationship.

It is better to live peacefully than tolerate rudeness. Maybe his irritation is caused by the fact that there are a lot of people in your house, and he simply can not relax, relax. To admit to himself in this he can not. If you live in the same apartment with your parents, at least temporarily remove the apartment. The feeling of constant presence of "strange ears" will pass and in your relations all will be adjusted. Probably, you have not rested together for a long time, did not retire. The change of habitual situation helps to look at each other differently, casts a romance.

Maybe your husband was making grandiose plans, but theyUnexpectedly collapsed, for unclear reasons, this undermined his authority, and the thought of failure does not give rest. Talk, calm, inspire him with confidence that next time everything will turn out.

Sometimes boorishness of a spouse can be causedYour behavior, attitude towards him. It can irritate your obsession, gossip, which he does not want to hear. Your reluctance to yield to him when one channel is a series, and on the other - a direct inclusion in football. Of course, it is not always necessary to indulge the whims of a spouse, but a joint life is impossible without mutual respect and mutual understanding. It is necessary to remove the tension that has arisen in relations at once, otherwise mutual reproaches will grow into mutual insults, and there and before the divorce is near. Make it clear to your husband that he offends you with his attitude, because you love him, and if you did not love, you would not care.

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