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Ten things you do not need to do in your family life

1. You do not need to wear boots, even if the house is cold and no heating. If you go to the closet for boots, you can overturn a pan with flour, skis will fall on you, and then it will simply become clear that these boots are pressed and smelling of kerosene and dust. It is best to prepare a warm bath and drag, your only one get warm.

2. If your loved one is watching his match, wrapped up under a blanket, it's better not to go in cycles with the bathroom, but simply climb up to it under the blanket. You can keep warm, and will, no worse than in felt boots, you can learn a lot about football, and it's not as meaningless and terrible as it seems. Not pointless shopping, the main thing you are under one blanket.

3. The next underwater stone, do not climb under the blanket on a Sunday, a fine day, even if you do not want to go anywhere. Even if the walk is short-lived, it will be useful for the figure and for the mood.

4. Do not need to deal with calculations, calculations of your merits to your loved ones. Of course, if you begin to list your services, which, of course, there are, the transfer of them can take many hours, and if your loved one also starts to do the same.

5. Take joint walks. But here, too, lies a trap that needs to be circumvented, and not bypassed, but simply left at home. You do not need to go after him all the time, because sometimes he wants to be with friends

6. If you all the same went together, you do not need to remember his services, and then to question. Do not make a list of what your loved one has not done yet. But if you so want to criticize him, it's better to talk at home than you will criticize when you're friends. Otherwise, he will simply resent you and he will be uncomfortable with his friends. After all, men, like children, then they will come up with a nickname for the offensive and tease them completely. A nickname will be given from your words, truthful. You will be interested to know how it will react, but it's your favorite man, but I do not think it's worth checking.

7. Do not tell him that he is stupid. Even if the friends laughed, but they broke up, and you stayed. It is not necessary, even alone to insult your loved one, then you will be ashamed of your words. After all, an insult is not an option, even if he has acted wrongly, wrong or does not understand something. After all, for something you have chosen it, and that's it.

8. There are days when you do not feel like dancing, having fun and putting on white. Advertising different pads that allow you to wear white, but do not forget that it is on such days everything seems worse. And, it seems in everything to blame, your favorite, not the hormonal background. Do not frown because of this problem, better please yourself with some small change, buy yourself an ice cream, ask to massage your lower back. It will be much nicer.

9. There are days when you can wear white, dance, but do not dance. Do not want anything, laziness, the desire to curl up on the couch. But you can play in a dying swan, the main thing is not to replay. Because one day your loved one will feel that you are pretending.

10. The main thing in family life is not to be selfish, but to understand that a person has the right to weakness.

We learned about ten things that you do not needDo in family life. If at any time you stop thinking about yourself, and listen to him, then he will listen to you. After all, all insults, like soot on the soul, and you need to stay away from them and make up and accept it as it is.

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