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Service romance, according to women

A large deficit of normal men pushes womenOn such intrigues, even at work. Fleeting, to anything not obliging to flirt at work or anyone will not hurt. Look at women who feel that they like men, they literally "flutter" with happiness. Even the most modest of men's attention "wings grow". Let many consider this hobby frivolous, but those emotions, feelings that the woman will experience will positively influence her self-esteem.

The service novel, according to women, is moreShould not be at all, because this, even a passing fad, interferes with the work, leads to the appearance of gossip, the division of employees into two camps "who is for" and "who is against." Modern girls have practically no complexes, they show their body and sexuality with dignity. And what man can resist such a "beauty parade"? Sometimes men themselves provoke women to start a service relationship, and a woman, "catching" interest, begins to "play" with a man, posing as an "impregnable fortress," thereby gradually drawing the man into "their networks."

Service romance by different women is perceiveddifferently. For some - this is another frivolous hobby, but for others it can end in marriage. If a woman has not yet met her long-awaited "prince", then communication with men, even at work, will help determine what kind of man she needs.

Often a love affair arises duringCorporate events, which become "provocateurs" of service novels. Employees rest, alcohol relaxes, communication turns into a "brotherly", and sometimes even the "gray mouse" dramatically changes its behavior.

If a man occupies a leadership position, and youAre in subjection, then in the opinion of women, a service romance can help advance the career ladder or even lead to marriage, but then you will begin to suspect that many women who are in his subordination are connected with their men, because they once were in such Position. The leader is associated with a real man who has business, money, goals, and this is very attractive for young girls who have just started building a career.

Between employees, a novel can be likeShort, and lasting years. It will then go out, then re-ignite. A woman who has a relationship with a married employee, as a rule, represents his wife "in dark colors", otherwise, he would not look around. Reality is usually quite the opposite. At work such a man can portray "macho", and at home to be a loving and caring husband and father of his children. Why does he do this? Because at home - the wife, children, duties, and at work all this is not.

And if his passions began to subside? Did he have a new hobby? Sometimes women perceive such behavior as treason. They already consider this man "their own" and are ready to "crush" the opponent, by all means. Then at work real "Mexican" showdowns begin and this "performance" always has "spectators", even usually late for work, begin to arrive on time to find out the news.

There is another option, when the female boss"Attacks" his subordinate. When the official relationship goes into harassment, usually the "victim" is dismissed, but if he does not make certain conclusions for himself, after settling on another job again falls into the "foreign networks".

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