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How to have sex in order to get pregnant

If a man and a woman are healthy, the long-awaited moment will surely come. Maybe a couple just does not know how to have sex in order to get pregnant.

Before you start to do something, you need to find outSome physiological moments. Start a calendar in which you will celebrate the days of the menstrual cycle. What does this give us? You will clearly see on what days you are sterile, and when conception is possible. Favorable days will be from the 12-16 day of the cycle, when ovulation occurs. After ovulation, the possibility of getting pregnant persists for another 24 hours. The rest of the days the woman is almost sterile. One should also take into account another point. Spermatozoa are viable for 2-3 days. The necessary time interval, when the sperm can meet with the egg, is 3-4 days. The period of ovulation can be calculated not only by the calendar method, you can use a temperature chart, but if you do not measure accurately, it will not help. On the onset of ovulation will "warn" your body. If you feel an increased sexual attraction and pulling pains in the lower abdomen, then it's time.

To answer the question: "How to have sex in order to get pregnant", you need to analyze the sexual relationship and lifestyle of the most ordinary young couple. Intense rhythm of life, stress, tire the body. So, to get the long-awaited "two strips", you need to revise your work schedule and rest.

At first, a woman to avoidOf unwanted pregnancy accepts contraceptives, which, despite their "usefulness", negatively affect natural physiological processes, internal microflora, changes in which affect the "vitality" of spermatozoa. In order for the organism to restructure on a normal cycle, it takes time.

To accurately conceive, you need to fullyTo exclude the use of all sorts of intimate gels, sprays and other "chemistry" that will easily destroy spermatozoa. Be careful about the choice of gaskets, try not to use flavored materials.

One of the "grandmother's" proven methods advisesA couple to have sex, in a "man on top" position, putting a small pillow or roller under the buttocks of the partner. Thus, a certain slope of the body is created, and the sperm penetrates better into the female body and remains there longer, which significantly increases the chance of conception. Also, do not immediately after the contact run into the bath. The harmful effect of "chemistry" has already been mentioned above. Very important is the female orgasm. If he came before the male, then your chances are very high. To get pregnant, do not have sex every day, from such a frequency increases the number of non-viable spermatozoa. Remember that the body needs to be given a small rest so that it can accumulate strength.

If you decide to have a baby in anythingBecame, sex should not turn into something obliging. Do it when you want, otherwise it will turn into a "family duty" and will cease to please both of you. Long-term abstinence will not add to the number of viable spermatozoa, on the contrary, the quality of sperm will decrease.

It is enough to have sex three times a week, so you do not miss auspicious days for conception, and your partner will have time to rest and gain strength.

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