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Is it necessary to be with a man for the sake of a child?

Before "hacking off", calmly weighAll for and against living together. The unequivocal answer to your question: "Do you need to be with a man for the sake of a child?", You will not find. Everything depends on the specific situation.

If you start to catch yourself thinking that you are goingHome only because there is your child, then, first of all, ask yourself the question: "Why do you live with this man?". Yes, once you chose it and, like, everything was fine, and, like, everyone lives like this. And why should you live like everyone else? And when are you going to live happily?

The opinion of women who are older than you, that "you needTo be with a man for the sake of a child "has long ago refuted itself. And in general, this is your personal life and only your child! Let others think they want, and you build your own life! Learn from other people's mistakes. What grows out of a child, if he hears how his parents swear, even with him, how they blame each other, and God forbid, they fight? A person grows, unsure of what can create a healthy, happy family. Such a person will be able to build only relationships "like everyone else". But is this what you want your beloved child?

To be with a man for the sake of a child is to deceiveNot only yourself, but your child. You should understand that the child, when he grows up, will also create a family and build relationships with the opposite sex. And what kind of family model will he copy? Of course yours! If a child sees falseness in relations between parents from the childhood, swearing, and the worst is fights, then in his subconscious the installation is already firmly sitting, that this is exactly how people should live.

Children, in front of whom there was a divorce,Arranging family life, subconsciously afraid of divorce. A woman, consciously sacrificing herself for the sake of the family, suffers a joint residence with a man, further exacerbating the situation. Your nervous system will start to react to what is "not right", you will start to break not only on the husband, but also on the child. If you made the final decision about breaking up the relationship, then start preparing for this child in advance, otherwise you will lose its confidence. Explain that you both love him and will take care of him together, only you will live separately.

Even if parents do not scandal, but live together only because of the child, the coldness in the relationship is also noticeable. The child not only sees it, but also feels it.

The most unpleasant thing that can settle in hisSubconscious that it happened because of his birth. Very often women discuss their family problems in the presence of children, and saying that at first everything was fine, but with the advent of the child the husband changed, unconsciously laying out a guilt complex in the child: "Everything was fine, but I appeared."

It is for the sake of the child, for the sake of his fullDevelopment is worth living separately from men. It does not matter in a full or incomplete family your child is brought up. If you know that your man is able to positively influence the child, something good and useful to teach, then bravely make a decision about co-education and do not resist their communication. But if a man is characterized from the negative side, then try to protect your child from such communication. Such a man will tell your child his negative opinion about you and accusations that you are to blame for everything. Alcohol and drugs are the lot of weak men. In such a situation, the rupture of relations is like a lifeline.

From mistakes and unsuccessfully developed circumstancesNo one is immune. Your child will grow up and probably will not allow such situations, because you once acted wisely and in time explained to him by example that it is necessary and important for both parents, even if they can not live with each other.

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