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Rules of a hot spa novel for beginners

For beginners, there is a very unpleasantTrap, when a partner perceives a resort romance, as the beginning of a more serious relationship, is eager to continue. To avoid such and some other mistakes, one should not neglect the rules of a hot spa novel for beginners. So, in the simplest approximation, the rules of a hot spa novel are as follows.

Strange as it may seem, a maximum of honesty. No illusions. The novel begins and ends here: under this blue sky, in these turquoise waves, on this sandy or pebbly shore. If you think differently, then you are either a spa poacher or a naive idiot (idiot). Serious relations on the azure coast, of course, can start, but, first, this happens extremely rarely, and, secondly, we discuss the rules of a hot spa novel for beginners and nothing more.

So, the first rule of a hot spa novel for beginners: the time of the novel = the time of rest at the resort.

The second rule follows from the first: Maximum honesty. Do not remove and hide wedding rings. On the contrary, it is recommended to wear those even unmarried and unmarried, hungry for a hot spa novel. And this, perhaps, is the only trick that is welcomed in this matter. Time on vacation is limited and it's foolish to waste time on an unpromising option.

Hence the third rule: you can not sit with folded arms. Want to spin a hot resort romance looking for a suitable candidate who will understand your intention to have fun and happy to spend time relaxing and who himself wants the same. You can do it wherever there are a lot of people: on the beach, disco, in an amusement park, etc.

The rule of the fourth is dictated by harsh realitiesModernity: you must be sure that your partner will not give you some unpleasant "gift". Well, if both partners in the resort novel are sympathetic to such a delicate moment and can provide appropriate guarantees, but nevertheless protected sex is the best solution. In addition, this will help to avoid other undesirable consequences. For beginners - this is a very important rule.

Rule five: A holiday romance does not require a thorough knowledge of a person. You do not need to know exactly the details of a partner's life, nor does he need your revelations to anything. Although, if you want to speak out - your will, but only if your friend (friend) has a desire to listen to you.

The holiday romance does not involve continuation. And your everyday life should not spoil the holiday holiday pastime. From the holiday novel should be the brightest memories, it is memories. Everything is in the same clash about the fact that "there are still three days and three nights ahead", but at home everyone is waiting for the family and everything will remain in place, and the resort novel will be a wonderful episode in the life of a man and a woman. "Episode" - and no more, "beautiful" - and no less. Everything was simply delicious, but only there, in this carefree atmosphere, creating the feeling of an eternal holiday.

So, what if you want the resort to have everythingPassed like clockwork, do not neglect the rules of a hot spa novel for beginners and everything will be great for you. The main thing is to know exactly what you want, and then there will be a real chance to achieve what you want.

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