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How to cause jealousy in a loved one

Jealousy is the faithful companion of love, her squire,Defender, and sometimes a destroyer. Therefore, you need to use it very carefully. The feeling is paradoxical. Sometimes it can be precipitated by a rash look or the smell of other people's spirits. And then it breaks and crushes everything in its path. And sometimes even obvious betrayal and lies remain ignored and left without any reaction.

Jealousy in women arises because of fearTo lose support in life, the breadwinner, the defender. Men in turn do not want to give their sexual partner to another. Such a layout at a genetic level contributed to the formation of women's so-called female intuition, the ability to recognize lies, sensuality and

Subtle perception. In men, in turn, the ability to deceive and change has been improved over the centuries.

Sometimes sexual partners feel jealousThey use to test the strength of their relationship or to refresh the dull sensuality of love. Each sex has its own methods. We will consider purely feminine. Here are some tips on how to cause jealousy in a beloved man.

Flirting. Women tend to be much more likely than men to flirt with members of the opposite sex, thus causing jealousy of a beloved man. She can go anywhere alone, thus allowing her partner to understand what is in demand and unrequited male attention, which is a success.

The second way to cause jealousy-no matter howParadoxically, frankly ignore the beloved. Denying a date without answering calls, avoiding meetings in every possible way, a woman can cause a storm of passion in a man, in which the instinct of a hunter is laid by nature. The game in "Cat and Mouse" should be thin and thoughtful. Otherwise, a loved man, who has failed, can forget about his victim and switch to another

The third way is the most effective, becauseTouches the most sensual male strings. This - frank flirt with another in front of his beloved. Dances, hugs, flirting with a strange man cause a storm of passion in the heart of your chosen one. The most subtle trick in this matter can be a banter over another man in the presence of his own. Laughter is perceived by the sexes in different ways. When a woman laughs, a man thinks that in this way she expresses her sexual interest. Upon hearing laughter, a man dares and proceeds to action. In this situation, the lady makes two dancers dance to her tune, which often ends with their collision.

Why are women ready to walk on the edge of the abyss,Causing jealousy in men? As surveys show, only a few do so out of a sense of revenge, while most seek to test the strength and depth of their loved one's feelings, to show him that other men are interested in her. Especially the desire to cause jealousy in a beloved man occurs in women whose husbands have risen sharply along the social ladder and have begun paying little attention to their wives.

Intentionally evoked jealousy raises self-esteemWomen, helps her to assert herself in her own eyes, and in the eyes of her partner. If he remains unperturbed, does not notice flirting on the side, then his feelings fade. If he has a storm of passion, then. A woman is loved and desired.

Women, as the French say, are rarely forgivenMen are jealous, but they never forgive her absence. But still, before you cause jealousy of your beloved, think about whether it's necessary for your relationship.

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