/ Why do women pretend to orgasm?

Why do women pretend to orgasm?

We will try with you to consider all these questions and give you answers to them, thanks to which, you will be able to draw conclusions for yourself.

So, why do women pretend to orgasm?

1. To have sex ended sooner.
This is the most common cause. Imitating an orgasm, a woman wants to whip up a man, proving to the man that he coped with his work giving him the same joy. Very often a woman does not want intimacy with a man when she has certain problems that concern her. It can be a sick child who constantly coughs from the next room. Or the woman had problems at work, it was a very difficult day or something serious happened to her in life. The woman wants to come home and relax, forgetting about her problems. But here she is expected by the duties with which she must cope. After all, a woman must correct the marital duty, look after the children, be a good mistress, and also be an excellent lover for her man. Do you want your whole life to be like that? Coercion, this is certainly not rape, but very similar to this.

2. A woman does not want to offend a man.

It happens that a woman sees all the efforts of a man andSo as not to offend him and not show him that she does not have any mood, tries to reward him for all his efforts. But you must understand that this is not fair at all. Although there are women who believe that they are doing the right thing. That for his interest in her, she played a passion and that they are even.

3. Frigidity of women.

The fact is that frigid women are almost notexist. This is a psychological problem and it can happen if someone told a woman that she is frigid. And here without a specialist, the problem will not be solved. A woman with such problems simply can not get pleasure and constantly imitates an orgasm, so that only her man does not know about it. The woman just had a psychological stress, with which she can cope, referring only to the sexologist.

4. Do men notice when a woman pretends to orgasm?

Not all men are able to notice when a womanFeigns orgasm. Since every orgasm in a person occurs in different ways and each person is different. Every orgasm in women differs from previous orgasms. And our men, having read books, believe that if there are spasms of the vagina or go the flow of fluid, then the woman is completely satisfied and received an orgasm. And besides that they do not believe in anything anymore.

5. Is it harmful for a woman when they feign an orgasm?

For a woman it is very harmful if she fakesorgasm. Hiding and suppressing your feelings, you do not lead to anything good, because you need physiological and psychological relaxation. And if you are simulating an orgasm for many years, your partner will sooner or later guess about it. This behavior may end, for you it is bad and fraught with consequences. Can you still try to be honest with your partner and try to sort out all the problems?

I think that people's relations are still built onUnderstanding and honesty. Try to tell your loved one more about your problems and try to solve them together. Do not force yourself, if you do not want it at the moment. Be frank and do not become withdrawn in yourself.

Now you know why women pretend to orgasm and hope that you understand that this will not lead to good.

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