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Ideal wife in terms of men

What are the criteria for this when men make an ideal wife?

Of course, in the first place in terms of menBEAUTY is worth it. And, of course, every second says that "packaging" is not important - the "essence" is important, what is inside is the soul. But this manifestation of male hypocrisy and hypocrisy - ask anyone whether he is ready to live with a young beautiful or with a poor and pockmarked. And do not listen to the answer. Ask and look in the eyes. If you continue to describe the young, then the eyes will light up. And at the mention of the pockmarked extinct, and a smile twitches his lips. A beautiful wife is like a prize, like an expensive limousine ...

In second place, in the opinion of men, is UM. Wife fools want only those who still believe that the Earth is on elephants. A smart ideal wife is an assistant, an interlocutor, an adviser and finally a pushrod engine when it is necessary. A great female mind scares off men. Because there is always a suspicion that sooner or later an intelligent wife will remove her husband from the first positions. And for men, sometimes it's unacceptable. Therefore, when imagining an ideal wife, one assumes that the wife should be smart, but moderately and in no way smarter than him.

The ideal wife in terms of men isIt is natural and the mistress of the house - firmly this criterion is firmly entrenched in the third place. Here in general there is no dispute, because any man transfers the reins of government over the life, kitchen and utensils to his wife. The lack of this ability in the wife's critical position and may threaten the marriage break, if not compensated by the rest. Therefore, it is desirable for girls to at least learn how to cook and wash so as not to lose their lover after a year of living together.

But further from the point of view of men isPosition immediately from the fourth to the eighth, because all other criteria argue among themselves and can not individually take the top position: sexuality, calmness, lack of jealousy, sense of style.

Sexuality of the wife is a very controversial criterion. And rather important in the first years of marriage. In addition, the same plus is a minus. Because a sexy wife is a sexy woman for everyone else.

Everyone dreams of having a calm andA balanced wife. That there were no screams, hysterics and excessive whims. It is desirable that the ideal wife patiently treated all the antics of her husband and his bad mood, while not entering and not making a scandal.

The absence of jealousy is recognized by husbands asA benefactor, although they may well tolerate the moderate jealousy of his wife. In addition, the manifestation of some jealousy on the part of the wife supports the self-love of husbands.

The sense of style from the point of view of men is not the main thingAnd far from determining, but important quality. Tastelessly dressed woman, and even more so the wife, if not disgusting. That causes not very flattering responses from others, but a fairly strong blow to her husband's self-esteem.

There was no opinion that his wifeEverything else must be also true. For the reason that an unfaithful wife does not correspond to the rank of an ideal wife from the point of view of men, she loses her value and ceases to be a wife at all. A woman who educates my children; A woman who lives with me in one apartment - so reflected in the mind. That is, anything, but no longer a wife, is a maximum concubine.

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