/ Do all girls like flowers?

Do all girls like flowers?

And nowadays it is customary to give flowers to girls onAny occasion, whether it's a birthday, an anniversary, a date or just a desire to make a pleasant surprise for the girl. Rarely, what a holiday does without a bouquet of flowers. When a man is in love, at the very beginning of a romantic relationship, it's hard to imagine that meetings were held without gifts and ... flowers. Everyone knows the expression: "candy-buketny period." Even a single flower can express itself more eloquently about feelings than a huge bouquet that hardly fits in your hands. Flowers - this is primarily a sign of attention and almost all women are delighted with them. It is unlikely that there will be at least one girl who did not have to accept a bouquet as a gift. But do all girls love flowers?

Undoubtedly, the modern market offers a hugeNumber of colors, different varieties, shapes, types, bouquets of various shapes and designs are made. Such services are available in every city. In any flower shop, you can easily choose the bouquet that suits you both in design and price. Even, some simple, unattractive flower that was torn from the flowerbed on the way to a date already causes a trembling and romantic spirit in the girl's soul. The man who gave the girl flowers, can count on the favor and good disposition of the spirit of this person. Thinking about all that was presented, you involuntarily come to the conclusion: yes, the girls love flowers.

But there are a lot of girls and each of themHas its own point of view, its whims. Let's pay attention to the fact that the choice of a bouquet should also be taken seriously. If you decide to give the girl flowers for the first time, then if possible ask her if she smells flowers. It happens that some flowers allergic to the girl, and a romantic date will be hopelessly spoiled. There are also such girls, whose romanticism in character is completely absent. Such girls are absolutely indifferent to flowers, soft toys, souvenirs, animals and other kinds of "sweet things". For the most part, these are career girls, but they will be delighted with a new laptop, a stylish pen and so on, but not from a bouquet of flowers without any doubt. There are practical girls who prefer to receive a gift, instead of a bouquet a new phone, underwear or a fashionable handbag, or even better some coffee maker that will serve its mistress faithfully for more than one year. Such girls usually think that there is nothing more useless than a bouquet that will wither quickly and, besides memories of it, nothing will remain. And yet we must not forget that girls do not like flowers and gifts, but for a reverent attitude to themselves, for care and attention.

It's hard to imagine what else, except flowersYou can give the girl and be understood. No matter how many girls, no matter how many views, opinions, principles, flowers were presented to the girls, given, and will always be given. And absolutely, it does not matter whether it's expensive bouquets or ordinary wild flowers, or maybe it will be just one flower, it still remains, almost the only way to make the girl nice, pay attention, adjust to a romantic mood. And no matter how the girls did not treat the gifts, whatever they say, they still like flowers and this is the best gift for most of them. Men, bravely give their girls flowers, because the main thing is not a gift, but attention.

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