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Why men do not forgive female adultery

Among the reasons for treason are: jealousy, frivolity, self-esteem. They prevent infidelity: love, respect, elementary education at last.

Both in men's and women's publications quite oftenYou can meet the controversial opinion that men are allegedly more likely to be traitors than women. You can also understand when such stupid things the representatives of the stronger sex try to console and justify themselves. It is not clear when such women write nonsense for women. As if there is something in the nature of a woman that can force her to lust a single man longer than this man can lust a single woman. The nature of male and female sexuality is identical in this respect. Monotony of permanent relationships leads to the emergence of a completely natural need for novelty and acuity of sensations. The severity of reactions is dulled, since the nerve receptors act according to a single principle, both in men and in women. And what will a person, whose sexual reactions to a permanent partner, become dull, but at the same time do not want to part with this partner? Clearly, the tutu one way out is treason. So to say, in order not to lose a nose.

And yet why do not men forgive female adultery?

Based on the results of a number of opinion polls,During which they asked men and women to explain the reasons that led them to treason. Men are most often covered with a fig leaf of sexual need. Often such a need, with nothing more connected (with emotions or the need for spiritual communication), is satisfied with casual, almost unfamiliar partners (1/3 of all betrayals), or in short-term, meaningless and non-binding ties with long-standing Friends, colleagues, wives of friends, etc. (1/4 changes).

Here men carried treason, provokedLong or even short-term absence of a permanent partner: departure on a business trip, on vacation, etc. The departure of a wife or a permanent friend is regarded by some men interviewed as sufficient grounds for her temporary replacement of another. And they say that women have strange logic. And the reference to the fact that the betrayal often occurs in a state of alcoholic intoxication is very often encountered. However, this circumstance is more accurately called circumstantial change.

Love for another woman as the cause of betrayal calls only one in ten men interviewed. So it turns out that for men love rarely plays a role of motivation for betrayal.

In women, the situation is completely different. Women's infidelity is often based on the emergence, if not a new love, then, at least, love. And the fault of everything and the root cause of two-thirds of all female infidelity is chronic dissatisfaction in marriage. This is where the answer to the question is: "Why men will not forgive female adultery?" Because women's treason has a more serious foundation, the woman has found another man who can be the best. And this is impossible for a man's pride. Therefore, men do not forgive. It's easier to part with a beloved woman than to constantly worry about treason. And if a man has a living imagination and he constantly presents his woman in the arms of another, then here - at least a bullet in the forehead. Get out of my sight, wrong, or worse!

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