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The negative impact of running on human health

Harmful influence of the spinal column of a person and his joints

Many of us, viewing commercials orMoments in the movies about how a beautiful girl runs, and behind beautifully develop on windy hair and the whole environment freezes as she runs by. At the same time, when we see clips of a given character, we imagine how we run, like this hero. But in fact, not everything is as simple as it might seem at first glance. The fact is that the art of running, like any other discipline should learn. It is important to know how to properly put a foot and at what point it should be torn from the ground. Knowledge of safety rules during running is very important, because their lack of understanding can lead to not the best consequences. By misreading your legs you can damage joints, and if the body body goes from side to side - the spine may suffer. It is very important to observe the correct posture.

Thus, the harm is caused by misunderstood running. And in this case, if you take into account all the necessary regulations, you can not be afraid of anything and start boldly to run.

It is also interesting that the wrongly produced running can provoke the appearance of cellulite, and also develop an irregular breastform.

The deterioration of the shape of the breast is affected by two majorFactor: the product of incorrect techniques of action when running and improperly selected linen. There may be pain in the chest area if the position of the body is reversed, and the pectoral muscles may stretch, causing the chest to hang.

Solve this problem will help special underwear,Which you can buy at any specialized store. Similar stores have a variety of sizes for bras, which are designed specifically for the use of sports and their main goal is to maintain a thoracic shape.

Numerous studies have shown thatExcessive occupation by the run can cause the development of cellulite. Many such a situation will seem incomprehensible, because it is widely believed that it is the jogs that help get rid of it. The fact is that in the body with strengthened training, free radicals can be formed, which also provoke the appearance of the cellulitis.

There is only one solution - do not overstress, if you run, then in moderation.

Harmful influence of namyshtsy

The researchers concluded that the hobbyThis type of transport can cause a decrease in muscle mass, and also contribute to fat accumulation, but the worst thing is that running at a run can provoke a decrease in the muscle of the heart. Officially confirmed information about this provision is not yet, but there are some explanations for this prospective story. The fact is that the heart muscle is small and the energy it receives is comparatively less than what is required to give during running. The body in its turn, tries to accumulate more fat cells, since they give more energy.

Do not make hasty conclusions about the terminationHis jogging, because this assumption applies only to the marathon race, during which athletes overcome distances too large distances.

Morning and evening races, which can harm

Specialists in this field came to conclusions,That the morning run causes significant damage to our body. And all because the human organism in the early hours of the day does not wake up definitively, but we begin to run at a run, forcedly, and even physically load it. This approach can cause an opposite reaction of the body, which differs from the final expectations.

And as for the evening, the body in these hours is adjusted for a night rest, and jogging at a similar time in front, just inspire him. Thus, they can lead to insomnia.

Based on the foregoing, you should chooseThe actual time for jogging. In the event that you plan to run in the morning hours, it is very important to stand four hours from the moment of awakening. The same applies to evening clocks. Before the organism goes to sleep, it is important that the time of the run also passes, since the body must have time to prepare itself for bed.

There is also a theory that running canInfluence the long life. According to statistics, athletes live below the norm. The life cycle is shorter by three to five years approximately. The thing is that the deterioration of the organization leads to a more rapid aging.

In the event that you do not torment yourself with constant loads of a similar nature, this does not concern you.

Probable injuries

Here everything is clear, because running, no doubt,Can cause a variety of injuries. But if you follow all the above tips, you can work around this problem. It is necessary to study the technique of running, not to forget the use of special linen and to choose the actual time for jogs.

It is also important to take your well-being. After all, it is not important that the feeling should be the reason for refusing to run. If you have any chronic diseases, it is very important to consult a doctor beforehand.

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