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Diets that are hazardous to health

Sweet Diet

This diet is a sweet tooth dream, it consists ofSome chocolates and sweets, they are eaten a certain amount and several times a day, while drinking unsweetened tea. And it seems that the dream has come true, you can lose weight and eat sweets, but this is harm.

A large amount of carbohydrates entering theThe body, can lead to discomfort and headaches. With such a diet, 3 kg is lost, but are these victims worthy of subsequent problems? This sweetness will be out of joy and can bring with it extra pounds.

Protein diet
Fats in the body are formed from carbohydrates,Many girls, in order to limit their number, resort to protein diets. Exclude from the diet vegetables, fruits, flour products, consume mainly meat and fish. This restriction helps build muscle mass and help lose weight, but not everything is so cloudless.

The body must be replenished with all elements - andProteins, and carbohydrates, and fats, if they do not come with food, then the body tries to extract itself from what it is fed. Then the proteins that arrive, the body processes into carbohydrates, but the danger itself is that during the transformation of protein, processed products that are hazardous to health are released, they are toxic. These substances strongly affect the metabolism and the kidneys. You will manage to lose weight, but you will not be able to enjoy it, it will not be able to do it any more. Just pamper yourself with a good steak.

The principle of mono-diet is the use ofSpecific product. Popular diets with a single product - apple, kefir, buckwheat. These gastronomic difficulties, in order to achieve the desired result, you have to suffer more than one week, and the consequences do not make you wait long. With this diet, the body has nothing to process, it is limited in nutrients. In addition to products, mono-diets restrict the use of salt. With this mode of nutrition in the body, individual components increase, which is why the metabolism in the body and the salt balance are disrupted. When the mono-diet ends, the lost kilograms are returned, taking with them another kilogram two. Therefore, if you are going to cleanse the body, you'd better make a day off a week, it will do good.

Drinking diet
This does not mean that you can only drink oneLiquid, all food should be taken in liquid form. The menu of this diet is juices, mashed vegetables, cream soups. The danger of this diet is that it inhibits the work of the intestines and thus the metabolism in the body is disturbed. The intestine needs solid food, it activates the release of enzymes, they start its work.

Hence it can be concluded that you need to drink plenty of liquid, eat normally, all this is necessary for the body, sometimes you can treat yourself to delicious cocktails.

Tablet diet
A dangerous method of losing weight is diet, withWhich uses medicines. As promises of advertising - you can get rid of tens of kilograms per month, but they do not say what harm will be done to the body by these changes. You can not independently prescribe medication, you can do much harm yourself.

Only after consulting with the doctor should make cardinal changes in nutrition, the doctor will tell you how to safely and correctly deal with excess weight.
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