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The origins of jealousy and ways to deal with it

The first reason can be attributed desireUnquestioningly possess a loved one, fear and not the desire to lose it. But, there is a saying: "If you want to keep your lover, let him go." Strangely enough, but this law is valid. After all, you can not hold a person by force and you will not fall in love with him.

There is an opinion that jealousy is a love affairmanifestation. It's not for nothing that they say that they are "jealous, that means they love". In fact, jealousy is a manifestation of distrust towards a loved one. When you experience a similar feeling, it means that you simply do not believe and do not trust your loved one. The sources of jealousy are a manifestation of selfishness and a sense of ownership. Roughly speaking, for you your beloved person is just a thing that you can dispose of on your own. Do you really think that the total imprisonment of your second half and constant accusations of infidelity - this is true love. I'm afraid you're mistaken.

Also, in the sources of jealousy is the uncertainty inItself. A person is jealous simply because he does not believe in his strength, his uniqueness and attractiveness. In this case, as a way to combat jealousy, you can advise you to work on your self-esteem: in every way, raise it and not look for flaws in yourself.

Our article is devoted to the topic: "The origins of jealousy and ways to deal with it." It is worth noting that often this pernicious feeling is succumbed to by people in whose souls lives the fear of remaining alone. In this case, the solution to the problem is quite simple. If your other half is afraid of loneliness, then it is more often to tell her about your love.

Very often it happens that, being jealous, a personIn fact, is anxious for a loved one: worried about health and safety. Jealousy in this case is, in a way, a disguise. In this case, it is worthwhile to understand that everyone has the right to make mistakes. You can not always be with your loved one. Give him to perform independent actions without constant total control.

To the sources of jealousy can also be attributed the followingIndicator: a person is prone to be jealous when he is not clean before his loved one. Thus, making scandals and scenes of jealousy, jealous tries to hide their adventures and guilt.

We figured out the sources of jealousy and waysThe struggle with it is becoming almost obvious. Coping with a terrible feeling that spoils your whole life and relationships with your loved one, in fact, is very simple. Try to understand that your loved one is not your property. That he has the right to personal freedom. He should not be constantly under surveillance and listen to all your accusations.

It is also worth remembering that usually, all of our most terrible fears have the property of being embodied in life.

Below are the simplest and most accessible ways to combat jealousy.

At first, Once you begin to torment the worm of jealousy, try to calm yourself. Disconnect emotions and think about the origins of jealousy that you are experiencing now.

Secondly, As soon as you have negative thoughts,Try to be distracted from them in every possible way. You can do anything, if only this action would bring you pleasure. If you thought this one was too easy. That, it is worth noting that it is a huge work to work on your emotions.

Thirdly, Do not forget that your favorite person is the mostClose and dear. Do not be afraid to go on a frank conversation, when you can express everything that is bothering you. Just remember that talking heart to heart is also a great science. In a conversation, you should get answers to questions and calm, while not offending and not touching the feelings of a loved one.

Fourthly, Always remember that to love is to givehappiness. Constant scandals and reproaches will lead only to the loss of all the most beautiful feelings and loss of a loved one. Do not show your self-esteem and selfishness, give your second half love and happiness.

The topic of this article is "the origins of jealousy and waysStruggle against it ". I think after reading it, you will find the answers to your questions or, perhaps, you will recognize yourself in it. Be that as it may, remember that jealousy is good for a relationship in microscopic doses.

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