/ / Handicrafts for the house with your own hands from improvised materials. Crafts for home comfort.

Handicrafts for the house with your own hands from improvised materials. Crafts for home comfort.

Curtains "Sweet Cafe"

Light curtains "Sweet Cafe" is perfectSuitable for a small kitchen. They will help create a cozy atmosphere and give a special charm even to the most modest room. Even a novice mistress will be able to make such curtains with her own hands.

Necessary materials:

  • the cloth
  • Sewing thread in the tone of the main fabric
  • Chalk tailor's or dried soap
  • Fusing paper
  • Buttons

Preparation method:

  1. Measure the required amount of tissue, based onWidth and height of the window. To the resulting segment, add 5 centimeters from the bottom edge and a small allowance for the upper seam (1-2 cm). For the future lining of the upper part of the curtains, a strip of cloth 23 cm thick and equal in length to the common cloth is required.

  2. Cloth and lining for the upper partIt is necessary to carve out, trowel each detail to the width, if necessary. Make a template from the paper for the notched edge. Press from the edge 6 mm to 3 mm in each addition to the wrong side of the upper piece. Secure the fabric with sewing pins and stitch.

  3. Attach the upper part to the cloth with facialParties and align the non-sewn edges. Attach a paper pattern to the fabric, making an indent 1 cm from the edges and the top. Lock the pattern with English pins. Chalk or a piece of dried old soap around a pattern. Unfasten the pattern and put it aside.

  4. Lock the fabric with pins and sweep the parts, sewing around the marked lines along the side pieces to the bottom of the fabric.

  5. Stitch along the marked lines and remove the marking. Cut the notched edge, leaving about 1 cm for the allowance along the entire seam.

  6. Make incisions on the fabric, keeping the distance to the seam is not less than 3 mm. Cut the corners of the allowances on the seams from the top of each tooth.

  7. Unscrew the top piece, carefully align the corners and press the treated edges. It is easy and quick to straighten the corners with the help of a tip of scissors or knitting needles.

  8. Press the 6 mm edges of 3 mm for each addition on the reverse side, fix with pins and stitch it. Make with all edges around the perimeter of the panel.

  9. Press on the underside of 2 cm of the bottom edge of the future curtain 1 cm for each addition. Manually sew the "goat" seam.

  10. Unscrew the underside 4 cm from the top of each tooth and sew a "goat" with a seam.

  11. Sew the buttons on the front of the curtain on each loop 5 cm from the top. For a more decorative effect, you can sew large buttons that will look great from afar.

Helpful advice: To make the curtain beautiful and indoors, and from the outside, attach a lining to it, without sewing to the bottom of the panel. Then the curtain will look equally good and your hand craft will be noticeable even from the street.

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