/ How to become more plastic?

How to become more plastic?

The surest way to develop plasticity andFlexibility is to enroll in dance classes. In a pinch, you can buy any drive with a sdeo-lesson, and first practice at home, and then go to conquer the dance floors. But dancing is also different, and you need to know where to start. Very good plasticity develops strip dance and oriental dances. Sozhemozhno do Latin American or any modern dance, for example, now there is an excellent youth direction of club dances - go-go.

At the same time it is necessary to engage in dances stubbornly,Honing once every movement and not stopping, if something suddenly does not work out. If you are shy of your slowness, then before registering natantsy, at least a couple of weeks work at home in front of the mirror. Lessons on any dance direction can be easily found on the Internet. So you will come to the classes at least a little prepared and will not feel uncomfortable.

In addition to dances, it is recommended thatStretching. Any exercises that are aimed at stretching the muscles, help you feel your body better and manage it. If you still want to lose some weight, we advise you to pay attention to callanetics, also called plastic gymnastics. Callanetics is a great way to make your body more plastic and flexible, and the figure is more feminine, so do not go through such a wonderful direction in sports. The included complexes of exercises for stretching the muscles very well develop flexibility. Callanetics can become a real wand if you do not like too active sports, where you need to perform fast and clear exercises for fast music (for example, the same fitness). In callanetics everything is simpler: the music is calm, the movements are smooth and measured, while the result from such exercises is no worse than from fast and noisy fitness, plus you will achieve good flexibility.

The next way to make your body plastic andFlexible - doing yoga. They will help you not only to feel your body better, but also improve your health and overall well-being. Yoga - it's generally almost non-universal medicine for many problems with the body. Exercises of yoga (asanas) make the body plastic and flexible, and also get rid of problems with the spine and joints. In spite of the fact that some asanas are quite simple, yoga is recommended to be engaged with an experienced trainer in order to achieve a better result. Already after a month of regular yoga or callanetics you will notice that the steel is more flexible and no longer seem to yourself such a clumsy inelegance. Your body will become sturdier, slimmer and more pliable.

To become more plastic, move more. An interesting observation, but most often the lack of flexibility affects those people who lead a low active, sedentary lifestyle. If your work is connected with a computer, then you probably spend most of the day sitting on a chair at the tables doing routine work. The same applies to seamstresses, administrators, call center operators, etc. With a sedentary lifestyle, the body becomes accustomed to inaction, muscles lose their tone, and in general, the body seems to "stiffen". Therefore, more often build yourself a workout, and every morning, start with the gym, in which the exercises for stretching muscles must be included.

Even if you did not choose oriental dances for yourself,Then we all recommend you learn how to do belly dancing. This movement of eastern beauties has a very good effect on the abdominal organs, eliminates stagnation and lymph in the organs of the small pelvis, awakens and strengthens the female energy, and also adds grace to the movements. You can also learn how to make the famous "wave", when in the vertical position to the music you begin to make your body, or rather, its upper part to the (waist), smooth wave-like movements. This element is also often seen in oriental dances.

Since it is easy to become more plastic in the homeYou do not need to sign up for dance studios or fitness centers. Which is especially important if you are very shy. You can first achieve a home of plasticity and flexibility in movement, become more self-confident, more courageous, more determined, and then go to the dance studio or immediately to the dance floor. If you do not bother with such stupid complexes, then classes in a group with a teacher will, of course, only benefit you will achieve the desired results faster.

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