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Mistakes made on a first date

Although, the first date and the beginning of dating a lotMore depends on the man, because it is the man who conquers the woman, her attention and interest, which men often forget about now. Therefore, it is the man who should try to make the best impression on the woman on the first date and avoid mistakes.

Mistakes made on the first date by women. One of the most horrible mistakes is to come on a date to a man, not putting himself in order. This is the most terrible thing a woman can do - to come without make-up, without a beautiful hairstyle, with a shabby varnish on her nails and in ugly old clothes. When you are going on a date, you should try to give yourself the best possible side and emphasize all your dignity. Remember that a man loves, first of all, his eyes, so you should like him externally. Another woman's mistake - excessive gossip on the first date. Men generally do not like women whose mouth does not close. Do not talk incessantly, it's better to keep silent than to talk nonsense. You can not spread all the information about yourself on the first date. Stay for a man in a mystery, listen more to him, talk about him, and give out information about yourself in small portions during many visits. Another mistake is excessive shyness. It concerns both men and women. It is shyness, self-doubt, resulting in stiffness and numbness, it can hopelessly spoil your first date.

Mistakes made on a first dateMen. Men should always remember that it is they who win a woman, that's why they should show initiative at the beginning of acquaintance and be the organizer of the rendezvous. One of the mistakes is a complete lack of initiative and shifting the organization of the meeting to a woman, inviting her to think out where you will go and how to spend time. This all should think through a man! Be sure to give the woman flowers on the first date. A mistake will come on a date without a small sign of attention in the form of flowers or a box of sweets.

Of course, it is unacceptable to be late for a date,Come in a state of intoxication, wait for a woman with a bottle of beer in her hand or a cigarette in her mouth. An unforgivable mistake will be your coming on a date in dirty clothes, with dirty nails. This will be your first and last date, I assure you. It is inadmissible to offer a woman sex on a first date and even start talking about sex. About the first kiss. Let it be better on the second date or later, but not on the first one. Most likely, the woman still has no idea if she wants to kiss you after the first date, so you do not have to insist on a kiss on the first date. Even if you can see that you really liked the woman, and she wants this kiss, even better it will happen at least on the second date. One of the male mistakes is boring and standard first dates. A woman needs something to surprise. Do you know how many meetings she had, similar to each other, like two drops of water? Stand out from the gray mass and come up with something interesting, bring a twist to your first date, making it original and unforgettable.

Mistakes are made on the first date and men, andwomen. But we must always remember that the first impression on the first date is often erroneous. Therefore, the full impression of a person can be summed up only during several visits, on which one must also try to avoid the aforementioned mistakes.

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