/ What can sex toys do?

What can do sex toys?


Perhaps the most common sex tool andThe very first thing that comes to mind when talking about sex toys. A distinctive feature of this tool is the motor, which gives an additional stimulation, besides your movement by the vibrator.

The vibrator can be used for both externalAnd for internal stimulation, and even for that and for another. It is worth noting that not only women use a vibrator - men also do not deprive him of attention. This toy is suitable for singles, and for couples who want new sensations.

This is hard to believe, but doctors recommend the vibrator to use for women who have serious difficulties with getting orgasms with men, a kind of therapy.

It is known that people of different ages, professions and interests use vibrators. The question arises - why? What in these toys is so attractive?

The answer to this question is very simple - everyoneTheir reasons. Whoever wants to diversify their sex life, someone wants to reveal themselves on the other side in a sexual way, someone just curious and he decided to try, and for some - this is a method of additional stimulation. In any case, initially, it's an interest.

Vibrators mainly produce electrical(Usually used for external stimulation), that is, eating from the outlet, and on the battery. The latter is cheaper and more convenient - it's not always possible to stay near the outlet. Plus, the vibrators on batteries are much more practical and open up a lot of possibilities.

Dildo (dildos)

The difference between the dildo and the vibrator is that there is noElectronics are not here. The depth and intensity of your movements is completely adjustable by hand. Or with your partner's hand. Sometimes dildos are attached to special fastenings - belts, if they can be called so.

The question of choosing the dildo that suits you is quite serious, since it is a very intimate question.

-define with the material

- Think about how you will use it - the dildo can be attached even to the closet, this is a very important point

-Of course, the most pleasant - choose the size, shape and color of your future toys

The question arises: What can a special can do this sex toy and why do you need a dildo, if there is a dildo? And here everything begins with curiosity. However, it is possible to add the possibility of double penetration, a rich choice of shapes, sizes and material. Use in role-playing games, these sex toys are just as nice.

What kinds of sex toys can we find on the shelves of sex shops?

- double - this is for simultaneous use by two people or one for double penetration. As they say, it is only necessary to start ...

- dildos with straps. Very convenient to use, because they do not need to be held in hands - perfectly fixed on the waist, hips and even furniture.

- Dildo for anal sex. The difference, more often than not, is that these toys have a smaller size and a special shape made in order to minimize discomfort.

The materials from which the dildo is made, to date, very much - rubber and many of its derivatives, silicone, glass, leather ...

Point G stimulators

These are curious devices of strange shapes,Equipped with a vibrator. One end is inserted into the vagina and pressed against the point G, and the other end stimulates the clitoris. This stimulator is very suitable for playing alone.

Clitoral stimulators.

These are small devices that are fixed on the female clitoris with the help of straps or suckers. In shops you can meet a number of varieties of such vibrators.

If you have difficulty with orgasm with a man - try this device ... the result is usually impressive.

Sex toys for anal sex.

These toys are designed specifically for this purpose,They provide extra security in the process of anal sex. They have an absolutely smooth and seamless surface, which gives the movements extra comfort.

When you are in the process of choosing sex toys for anal sex, you need to remember this:

- if you recently have fun with anal caresses, buy a smaller size and use a lot of grease

- Some toys have bends designed to stimulate the prostate. They can also be used to massage the point G

- obey your common sense

For anal stimulation, in addition to the specially designed dildo, you can use special beads, often called Thai beads, and anal cork.

Do not forget about the lubrication during anal sex - it should be a lot, even if you are no longer a beginner. This is necessary to avoid unpleasant consequences.


Lubricating lubricant is very important duringUse of sex toys. It is especially necessary in cases when you have a natural secretion of the body. It increases the glide and pleasant sensations. You want to enjoy what you can do sex toys to the fullest? Then do not skimp on greasing.

All greases known to date are available either on water or on a silicone basis. Let's see, what's the difference?

Water based lubricants are more quickly removed and easierAre applied. As quickly dries up. It can be found in almost any pharmacy and in many stores. It is much cheaper than silicone. There are aromatized options and warming. It can be used together with a condom.

Grease on a silicone base is required less,But also costs more. You can only remove it with water and soap. But the advantage is obvious - it does not dry up. It is necessary to remember that lubricants on a silicone base corrode products made of latex, so it is not recommended to use it with a condom and sex toys made of silicone (it is still useful to you?).

Nozzles and rings on the penis.

Obviously, such sex toys are ideal inUse in pairs for female pleasure. To increase the length and thickness of the penis tips are used, and the rings stimulate an erection that lasts longer and manifests itself in full force. In addition to the classic options, there are rings with special protuberances for clitoral massage, and there are also built-in vibrators.

Sado-maso toys.

Such toys include lashes, bandages forEyes, handcuffs and others. In our stores you can find a whole range of these devices. Let's look at the popodrobee - what can do these sex toys?

Tools for Kegel exercises.

Everyone knows that they are great forGaining pleasure. For example, Betty dumbbells, vaginal balls, Kegelsizor (this is a special cylinder with balls, used to train the muscles of the vagina). There are a lot of such variants.

Porn, eroticism, etc.

The difference between these two genres, I think, is understood by everyone. This movie is very good for warming up and getting excited.

All that we have considered is far from completeA list of sex toys that you can meet in our sex shops. The main thing is not to succumb to stereotypes and not to be afraid of your imagination. Experimenting is good. Moreover, you can open your sexuality not only with the help of men.

The time when the use of sex toys was considered something out of the ordinary - has passed. And people who use their sex toys, every day becomes more and more - men and women.

However, still in our society quite oftenYou can meet supporters of the fact that sex toys only for those who have serious problems with sexual life, for sex minorities and perverts. Can sex toys replace a real member? And really, after you try, sex without toys becomes uninteresting?

Let's talk about some of the most common myths to date.

The first myth. Sex toys are used, mainly those whose sex life is very difficult or does not satisfy them.

Most people practicing permanentSex life, tried sex toys. This is a fact established by research. Moreover, people with a stable sex life use sex toys much more often, those who have sex are few.

30-40% of people, at least once in their lifetime practicedSex using sex toys. They help from loneliness, but this is far from a panacea. First of all - a permanent relationship and sex with a real member, Anna with a toy.

The second myth. Sex toys are a bad habit.

Absolutely nothing wrong with usingSex toys, of course, if you use them as you need. As a maximum, you can become addicted to them, but this is not so serious - there is always a live partner at hand. Plus, everything, no matter how much you do not have fun with your toys, sooner or later you will want human warmth. So try, there's nothing to be afraid of.

The third myth. If a woman has fun with sex toys, a man does not need it.

First, even from a psychological point of view,Vibrators can not replace a person. The toy will not bring you breakfast in bed and does not admit to love. A lot of men complex, when a woman uses a vibrator or something like that. They believe that this means that a woman does not eliminate sex with him and his main virtue does not satisfy her. In some cases, this is true, but why should you undermine self-esteem and offend your man? If he painfully perceives this topic, just do not show him your toys, have fun alone. Perhaps sooner or later he will understand everything and then you will share your treasure with him.

The fourth myth. Men use sex toys in the event that they can not engage in ordinary sex.

I will not be mistaken if I say that this is one of the mostOld myths. Remember any movie in which a man uses a sex toy or masturbates. Who is he? Most often it's a bad lunar or pimply teenager. In reality, of course, everything is different. Think about who will use the sex toy? A man who wants to diversify his long and constant sex life. Moreover, if his partner understands and shares his views on this.

The fifth myth. Sex toys can make sex less natural.

A normal and adequate person should understand that the use of different toys and substitutes in the process of sex can reduce the naturalness, but individually they are very good.

Sixth</ u> myth. Sex toys can be useful and harmful.

Toys can be harmful to health, but onlywhen they are misused. In general, all this is very individual, sex toy - this is what you do with it. There are no bad and good sex toys. The secret is to find for yourself what is most suitable for enjoyment.

The seventh myth. The more expensive, the better.

This is absolute nonsense. The only thing that can be said about this is that the more expensive vibrators, for example, the material will be better and the period of use is longer, but not the fact that this toy will give you the maximum pleasure.

Eighth myth. Sex toys are used by some perverts.

Here the question is purely individual. What is considered a perversion, and what not. And how easy it is to talk about it in society. And when you leave the door, are not you liberated? Hanseaticism and prejudice are what should be paid the least attention. This should not interfere in any way with your sex life. If you want to - then it's normal.

Ninth myth. Sex toys harm your body.

It is quite obvious that opponents of such apractitioners will always find an excuse not to do so. They believe that the use of these devices can negatively affect not only your physiological health, but also the psyche.

Remember - with proper use of sex toys, no harm to the body can not be.

So, today we talked about such a wonderfully invented humanity, like sex toys, that can do a lot.

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