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Romance in the opinion of modern men

Relationships full of romance, according to modernMen, absolutely do not need modern women. I'll write something that many women will not like. Women themselves are partly to blame for the fact that modern men consider romance an unnecessary, boring and generally a remnant of the past. This is all due to the fact that many modern women have become too easily accessible. Of course, having met such a woman and realizing that she needs to be conquered, a modern man will find it easier to access, for which one does not need to look after, give flowers, write poetry. It is very sad, but many women, especially young girls, are now bribed with chocolate and roses, or even worse - a bottle of vodka, and immediately fall to the guy in bed. And such young stupid girls are very, very much. Thus, with such a huge number of easily accessible girls around a man, it's simply too lazy to take care of an inaccessible woman, when around is full of "easy booty." Women, draw conclusions. If we were not so accessible to men, then they would have an incentive to conquer and conquer us.

Although, not everything is so sad. Romance is in our modern world, and there are very romantic men, but there are not so many of them. All the same, romance in the opinion of modern men, is closely related to sex. A man will appreciate a romantic dinner by candlelight and will remember him only if everything ends in sex. This should always be remembered and do not expect a man to admire the starry sky, if after that you do not make love under these stars. According to men, it is the sexual, erotic shade that makes the event romantic. Almost every man will consider romance as sex on the seashore or river, sex in an unusual extreme situation, for example, in an elevator, on the beach, in a park. This should always be remembered, because these women are more subtle natures, and for a man the romantic color of the event is impossible without sexual coloring.

If your man is far from romance, you needTo push him to it unobtrusively. You can take the initiative yourself and arrange a romantic dinner by candlelight or a walk along the shore of the night sea, or a picnic in the middle of a wheat field, and finish this event with wonderful sex. Then you can hint to your man that you would be very pleased if he took the initiative and made you little surprises, gave flowers often, organized romantic evenings. For every romantic act, even if it was not grandiose and special, a man should be encouraged, praised and kept reminding him of how pleasant it was for you and made you happy. A man who loves you will necessarily want to please you, as often as possible, if he sees how important this is for you, and that his romantic actions have a very positive effect on your relationship.

It often happens that men do not understand at allHints, then you'll have to tell your loved one straight away that without romance you can not, that without her your relationship becomes boring, and in general, romance for you is a vital necessity. Such a man needs to explain directly how he can show romance, tell him everything you want him to do for you. Tell me directly, what is important to you and you need to get flowers from him not for holidays, but just for that, soft toys, nice postcards, etc. In general, you have to explain what romantic actions are in your understanding. This can have a tremendous effect, because your man could not even guess that this is all so important to you.

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