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Important in sex for any man

The main trick is correctly planted. It is important in sex to take into account his sexual desires and fantasies, you can first consult him. After all, everyone loves differently. Any man wants his wish to be a law.

Be with him cheerful and relaxed, men loveSuch representatives of the weaker sex, why do not you become such with him. Men do not like notorious women in sex! After all, most of the men run away from squeezed and pinched, and not from plump and non-standard women.

Do not look into the eyes of a man after the firstSpent the night together with the question: "When will you come next time?". It is important for a man to feel himself master of the situation. Men least of all like such boring.

Also important in sex for any man isFactor of diversity, i.e. You must be different every time! This does not mean that every time you need to repaint your hair or change your image. You have to be different, not from the outside, but inside. For example, today you are a shy schoolgirl, and a dead woman is a dead woman. Add a bit of variety to your sex life. Prepare a bathroom for a loved one with candles, with oil or foam. Wash it, and then ask it to wash you. You can use both a bath and a shower for these purposes. From the standpoint of safety and comfort of the shower in relation to the bathroom takes a higher position. Do not disdain anal sex. After all, you want to be unique and unique, and that's why you have to endure these "mucks".

It is important in sex for any man, that would be hisA woman replayed, during this process. Do not shout so loudly that the plaster will fall, first, he will understand, secondly, he will think that you have a headache.

It happens that a man wants you, but can not(In Russian - it is not necessary). In this case, he needs and your understanding is important. Do not: scornfully grin, mock, anger, resent. And it's all the more unnecessary to calm him down, you will not only offend him, but will also turn against yourself, you will kill his self-confidence, and men do not like it. Pretend you did not notice anything. Or pretend to be very tired and fall asleep. Women from ancient times puzzled, what does men like, how to dress to like them, lose weight or get fat. About it it is written much, many earn terrible money on tablets for growing thin. And why should I screw up my head with such nonsense. There is such a conclusion: beautiful no one needs! Them basically men are afraid and afraid. It's better to be ordinary, and it's very easy. It is much more difficult for you to present yourself with the usual habit, so that a man's saliva may flow. And do not think about what's wrong with you, especially in bed. Dwelling on your shortcomings, you can not relax, enjoy yourself and deliver it to a partner. It is important in sex to listen to your and his animal instincts. If you want to bite, do not hold back, bite it gently by the arms, neck. After all, without such perversions it is boring, of course, if everything is done of its own free will. Men are all a little perverts: someone likes anal sex, someone prefers to peek at the keyhole, and someone generally likes sado-maso. To become the best for the perverted man is simple: put on some non-standard clothes, play in the mistress or seduced - after all it is interesting, as to him, and to you. Very interesting can be a visit to a sex shop together.

Relax, love yourself and him! That's all that men want.

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