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The main reasons for the betrayal of men

The main reasons for the betrayal of a man is, then,That feelings eventually pass, and attachment for many years of living together remains. The reasons for the change are so diverse that it is sometimes impossible to understand what men want. Treason of a man is the main cause of family disintegration, as women change much less.

A man as a child needs a lot ofTime and attention, tenderness and affection, understanding and if he does not receive this from you in the amount that he needs, he goes to look on the side, i.e. Begins to change.

Treason of a man can be a revenge. When he finds his wife in bed with another, he immediately runs to do the same, to the evil of his lover. This act is not deliberate and is just a revenge.

The reason can be and such a wonderfulA condition in the life of any woman, like pregnancy. Sometimes in this period, sometimes any intimate relationships are forbidden, to save life, both the future child and the future young mother. And again some men run themselves to satisfy another woman.

Men are characterized by betrayal and in a mature, even in old age. Since a woman by virtue of her age, or already because of her health condition, can not satisfy her soul mate.

Sending her husband on a long business trip or onEarnings in another country, be careful. Long separation in most cases does its job and men, wanting to entertain themselves far from their wives, go to such an act. At the same time, when they come home, they swear in an endless love for their second half. Whether each of us who faces this will be able to live with such a man.

There is a kind of traitors who do not have such beautifulActs just in the blood. They really love one single, but they do not stop looking and wanting other girls. For them, this is not spiritual treason, but just a new sex.

There are men who can afford to support both a wife and a mistress, or even one. To live with such a person only because of material well-being is up to you.

Another reason is the fact thatThere are such situations when for the husband his wife becomes not sexual. In such cases, a woman does not watch herself, picks up a lot of extra pounds after giving birth, losing her beautiful appearance, which her husband once attracted.

Often there are official novels and situations where women themselves are imposed and pestered (there are such!) To men, and they, in turn, can not resist and resist temptation.

And so, you saw the main reasons for the betrayal of a man and we all understand that the goal of betrayal for everyone, well, or almost all, is the satisfaction of their male needs.

And the main reasons for the change, if you look at almost everything depends on us women and on our behavior, attitude to our beloved men.

Both women and men should understand the wholeShare responsibility for their actions towards each other, to their beloved children, to dear parents. After all, because of their senseless, rash actions suffer close and native people.

Any betrayal of a man sooner or later becomesKnown to the second half, and the result of all this is the broken heart of the wife, and sometimes the whole life. Suffer children, because it is necessary to tear between parents, because everyone pulls in his side. Love each other and not when do not change!

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