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We successfully raise the level of our self-esteem

So, self-evaluation of sanguine and phlegmatic people inMostly stable, the choleric often changes, and melancholics, as a rule, underestimate their value to society in their eyes. With the help of self-esteem, we determine our place in society. This value is not a constant, it varies depending on external causes and processes occurring in the depth of our consciousness.
If your level of self-esteem is understated, the problems inCommunication, in building a career are inevitable, it is recommended to successfully improve the level of their self-esteem. A simple test: Analyze your reaction to a compliment, or praise for a conscientiously performed task. You, embarrassed and blushing, awkwardly mumbling: there is nothing to praise me, I did not do anything special - there is an understated level, you need to increase self-esteem.
Let's start with simple - work on yourAppearance: go to the beauty salon, change the hair, make-up, make a manicure, give yourself a massage session. It is recommended to update the wardrobe, preferring light colors in clothes. Do a general cleaning in the dwelling, get rid of unnecessary things. The result will not be long in coming - your updated image will help to successfully raise your rating in your own eyes! Step the following: attach to a prominent place (mirror, cabinet door), or on frequently used items (wallet, business card), a sheet with an inscription. The text should use a positive formula: I'm successful, smart, lucky.
Believe in yourself. Having composed for itself a word-form repeat it to yourself and soon you will be convinced: it works!
We successfully raise the level of our self-esteemLearning to correctly accept compliments. Have you been praised? Did you appreciate the changes in your appearance? Smile a smile and sincerely say "thank you"! You can practice beforehand in front of a mirror, it will reflect a successful person who knows the value of his talents. You have already managed to raise self-esteem, you are on the right track, but it's too early to celebrate the victory, we continue the path of self-improvement. The process of increasing self-esteem should go smoothly, without self-abuse. Remember! If you constantly think that all your actions are aimed at increasing self-esteem, you can come to the opposite result. Do not be afraid to take up a new business.
If fear still exists, analyzeIts reasons, most likely, you will come to the conclusion that you will successfully cope with the task, and fear is only the result of insecurity. In case of failure, the excuses look pathetic and ridiculous, it will be more correct to explain its causes calmly and motivated. If you do not understand something in the new job, do not hesitate to ask for help. Ability to overcome embarrassment will also help to successfully improve the level of self-esteem.
Take for a rule not to compare yourself with othersPeople. You are unique and live your own life, make decisions on your own. Do not scold yourself for failure, remember that we all have the right to make a mistake, only the one who sits with his hands is not mistaken. Make a list of your achievements (not necessarily global). Have you learned how to drive? Perfectly! Have you mastered a new crochet pattern? Great! Daily add to the list of your successes.
Make a list of your positiveQualities: I am benevolent, fair, honest, have a mathematical mindset, etc. Try to attend a sports club, or, at least, to do daily gymnastics, then you kill two birds with one stone: improve the figure with the posture, and you can write a new victory in the list of achievements. In simple ways, we managed to successfully improve our self-esteem. Do not stop at the reached level, gain momentum, aspire to new knowledge and skills!
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