/ Thinness of application of spices in nutrition

Subtlety of using spices in food

We tell you a little secret how to make the food bring pleasure and benefit, an was a source of excess weight.

Spices or spices?

Even in ancient times a person got acquainted withPlants, which even in small amounts had a pronounced flavor and gave a specific taste to the food. A little later such plants were called spices. Pepper, sesame, and others were no good. But spices were completely different products, of non-vegetable origin: soda, salt, sugar, vinegar and so on. Unlike spices, spices should have given food a certain consistency or basic taste, especially preparing it for use.

The confusion in the names created by the culinary experts,Which are often sparse, like bay leaf and pepper, called spices. In this article we will talk about spices - exotic mysterious vegetable spices, which are fruits, stems, seeds, leaves and roots of plants. Even a small amount of them in addition to food makes it attractive externally, fragrant and deprive, while giving the food a specific flavor.

Many spices have a rich and sharpA smell, concentrated, and sometimes a burning taste. Therefore, spices have a stimulating effect on the process of digestion and increase the production of enzymes and gastric juice.

Advantages and disadvantages of spices for the digestive tract

Thanks to spices, the process of digesting foodBecomes easier and significantly accelerates. In addition, spices contribute to the rapid absorption of nutrients. This means that extra pounds will not be deposited on the sides, and the body will get rid of toxins.

But there is one drawback from frequent useSpices. Spices increase secretory activity in the intestines and stomach, due to this, the appetite also increases. But do not immediately abandon them. If you use them in moderation, then the increase in appetite will not be so strong.

Where to add miscellaneous?

Each spice is for certainProducts and a camel. Although there are universal, which can be added almost to the whole meal. For example, basil perfectly matches with meatballs. But cinnamon is more suitable for desserts and pastries. Especially vividly the sensations she gives with an apple.

The most common spice in our countryIs considered a pepper. It is universal, as it improves the taste of soups, vegetable and meat dishes, salads and marinades. Most often we use black pepper. But there are those who prefer an acute dish, so add red pepper to the food. With him, you need to be very careful and try not to overdo it. A large amount of it can cause a burn of the mucous membrane. Red pepper is recommended to be added to rice dishes, pâtés, sausages, to fried poultry and so on.

Carnation is also considered a universal spice,Because it is added to flour products, it is indispensable in marinating, and its powder improves the taste and aroma of pate and minced meat. Without a bay leaf, too, no mistress is needed. It is added to the first, second dishes, as well as vzosy and marinades.

Vanilla is simply indispensable in confectionery. Many pastries get a gentle and light taste and aroma due to this spice.

If you like vegetables, then it is worth knowing that the tasteCabbage, for example, will improve marjoram. And with dill cucumbers well fennel. Young basilicusculitus taste a salad of tomato and other green vegetables. Chervil gives a piquant flavor and taste to pate, eggs and vegetables. Thyme will give a special taste to the root and root crops. To roasted casseroles rosemary, and to seafood-are cut. In the soup of beans, be sure to add thyme, and milk milkshake. Such a low-calorie and unusual menu can be continued for a long time.

Additional bonus

There is another nice bonus that you canGet thanks to the useful spices in the fight for a healthy body. Try instead of salt in the products to add spices. Thanks to this, the food will become more delicious, will acquire a pleasant aroma and taste. Due to the fact that the body will not receive salt, puffiness will decrease, and this will have a positive effect on weight. Improve the work of heart and excretory systems, which play an important role in the state of external appearance and health. Instead of sodium, the body will receive vitamins or antiseptics, which will help to improve the microflora of the intestine. Such antiseptics contain in mustard.

Thanks to seasonings from spices, you can reduceConsumption of an oil, mayonnaise, sour cream. A good alternative to them will be soy, oyster or fish soup, Korean kimcha from salted cabbage or Japanese wasabi from horseradish.

Thus, due to the skillful applicationCombinations of the most varied spices and seasonings on your table, the process of digestion of food will improve, weight can decrease, the body will be replenished with useful vitamins and substances, immunity will increase.

But do not forget that you should not get involved in some of the activities. For example, red pepper and other spicy seasonings. They can damage your mucous membrane.

And at last I want to add. To lose weight and find the desired figure of one spice is not enough. It is necessary not only to balance your diet and use as much healthy food as possible, you need to take exercise, which, combined with proper nutrition, will give the desired results. We wish you always to remain in good shape with pleasure!

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