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Is sex important in a relationship?

A man, according to women, is only interested inSex and nothing else, it is very difficult to expect romantic confessions and courtships from him. And the guys, in turn, intimate relationships check their true feelings towards the ladies, determine how much they want to be with their chosen ones.

It is believed that harmonious sex helps menFind true love, but women, for the most part, get carried away by this man only after a while - namely, after they became friends, they got to know each other better and determined common interests, they learned the spiritual world of the partner. Often, at the same time, when a man is set up for active activities and is disposed to have sex, a woman does not aspire to this at all. As a result, the chevalier "suffers" and "tormented" trying to understand what he did wrong, what his mistake is, why he is rejected, and tries to find explanations that are often far from the real state of affairs. Of course, a man can see love from a woman of interest to him and interested in him through her benevolence towards him, but finally he can truly understand her true relationship through harmonious sex with her beloved, in this case the answer to the question - is sex important in relationships - positive . For women, sex in relationships is no less important.

Through intimate relationships, the ladyDetermines to what extent it is meaningful for its chevalier, how much he wants it, how tender and romantic he is. In reality, the importance of sex in relationships lies in the fact that it is sexual relationships that distinguish friendship between a man and a woman from a love or conjugal relationship.

In fact, sex is important for women and forMen. So, he needs to know that for his lady sex has the same meaning as for him, that she, like him, gets the same pleasure from intimate relationships. Important sex in relationships and for women, although the need for it appears after the emergence of strong emotional experiences. It was noted that, for men, sex, in just begun relationships, is aimed only at getting pleasure, and romance and intimate relationships go to the second or third plan. A girl, in this case, can feel like a doll, which is used to meet the carnal needs.

It should be noted that representatives of a strongSex feeling of love is combined with an almost irresistible attraction to the beloved woman and often he has to exert incredible efforts in order not to "allow himself any extra", but at the same time this is what drives women to the idea that their elect from them needs only a bed. Although in fact, no matter how important sex in a relationship, men also need love and intimacy and romance, only in men, such a need arises through sexual attraction, and in women everything happens vice versa.

So, the question is whether sex is important in relationshipsIs very topical for representatives of both strong and beautiful sexes. Only here is the place that sex occupies in the lives of men and women - different, because they are so different, so unusual, but at the same time they can not live without each other.

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