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If a man does not give you gifts

But what if a man does not give yougifts? Let's try to understand the reasons for this. One of the reasons that a man does not give presents is greed. Unfortunately, there are a lot of such men now. Greedy can be even a rich and wealthy man. Greed and stinginess are character traits that do not depend on a man's financial solvency. They are either there or not. If a man is generous and romantic, then he is able to buy a beloved woman a gift or flowers for the floor of his salary and hardly hold on to his next salary, but he likes to please his beloved, besides he is pleased to see the happy eyes of his beloved, nice to surprise her.

If a man is greedy, he never givesGifts just like that. In the best case, a woman will wait for him to pay attention to some grandiose holiday, for example her birthday, when it's not right to give anything indecently. To give gifts for a greedy man is a difficult moral test. Yes exactly. After all, he is very tormented when he spends money on you. All his thoughts focus on how hard he got money, how hard he works or how hard it is for him to run his own business and make money, and here he is in a situation when he is forced to buy you a gift.

I strongly advise women to think very well,Having found out signs of greed of the man, one of which is that the man does not give you anything at nyavnosti at it of a constant job and financial incomes. Greedy men, as a rule, do not change. Accordingly, you need to think very carefully before you associate your life with such a man. Becoming his wife, his wife, you can forget not only about gifts and romantic surprises, but also about expensive cosmetics, clothes and in general about your moods.

It will allow you to buy only the most necessaryFor the life of things, will ask how much money and where you spent. In some patalogical cases, greedy men even require their wives to check their purchases and conduct almost an accounting of income and expenses. So think and think again, do you need such a greedy man. If a man is greedy, believe me, it is incorrigible, and you can suffer from his greed all his life. He sincerely will consider his greed to be economical and thrifty.

Another reason why a man does not giveYou can give presents to his lack of romance and, in general, the lack of concepts about romance. He can be gentle, kind, but he does not imagine that it is important for you, he does not think that gifts should be given if he gives you his care and warmth. There is also this type of men. They are just paws and umnichki, next to them well and comfortably, they are able to support the conversation, help in difficult times. But still you have the impression that something is missing.

Because when a holiday comes, it alwaysNext, but comes empty-handed, without a gift. He never makes you romantic surprises, and your relationship is calm, quiet, smooth, without quarrels, but very, very boring! If a man is very good, like a person, you really like him, he has excellent personal qualities, but lacks concepts about romance, this can be corrected. At least, you can try to fix it, bring to his attention what you lack in the relationship. You can start from afar. For example, to start to give him for every holiday and just without reason, on a typical day, small gifts. He will soon become uncomfortable that you give him, and he does not give you anything, and will start to answer you with reciprocal gifts. You can try to just talk to him.

But in no case do not turn this conversationIn a quarrel! Do not be nervous, scream. In the evening, muffle the light, make him tea, sit next to him, hug. Tell him first about how good he is, how good you are in dealing with him, tell him about his virtues. Then say that your relationship is beautiful, but you would like to never stop at what has been achieved and make the relationship even better. Tell him that you would very much like to introduce elements of romance into your relationships, that it would be very nice for you to receive gifts from a beloved man. Say necessarily that you do not really care about the price of a gift, but the very fact of the sign of attention from him is important. It is possible that he will be very surprised and say that he never considered gifts as such a necessary part of the relationship.

Try to explain to him that for you it is veryIt is important, because you are very gentle and romantic nature, and you really want your loved one to enjoy you on holidays and on ordinary days, without any reason. Most likely, after such confidential and frank conversation your man will be corrected. If he really loves you and you love him, he will give you up. The main thing - do not be silent, do not sulk, and together discuss the problem and explain to him that this is really a problem for you. Because for men this, believe me, is never a problem. Still, they are very different from us women, and they see no need for gifts and surprises. But for you, a man who loves you is able to improve! If after this conversation after some time your man still does not give you gifts, you can remind him of your conversation, but also very gently and delicately. If this does not help, then I advise you to think about it.

Your man or does not feel very strong to youFeelings, therefore does not see the need to please you and indulge your desires, or he completely does not recognize all these "women's romantic things" and considers them stupid. I advise you to think whether you can live with him all your life without romance, without gifts, without surprises. Weigh all the pros and cons. If he is very dear to you and he has a lot of other advantages, then you should not part with a man because he is not a romantic by nature. Gifts - this is not the most important thing in a relationship!

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