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What in the opinion of men is the main thing in love

And the following question arises: What in the opinion of men is the main thing in love.

This question is difficult to answer. How many men on the planet, so many opinions. But, in principle, they are all alike. For someone the main thing is that a woman would love him, for someone important sex and only, well, someone needs a housewife, who will cook dinner and rub his shirt.

All these male approaches to love are fair andAre justified. After all, a woman is always more open than a man. Accordingly, a man and in love will be harder to tell than a woman. He is afraid of getting rejected. And to avoid failure, he looks at how a woman treats him. If a woman does not react to him, then the man will try not to build a relationship with such a woman. This is certainly not a fact, there are many types of men. Someone will remain silent, and someone will seek the attention of women by any means. But mostly it happens.

Among women, there is an opinion that men needOnly sex. To some extent, this is true, but according to men this is not the main thing in love. The man, the choice of his companion, is much easier. But, in the opinion of men, if there is no sex in the relationship, then the relationship, most likely, will not. Well, and if the relationship still appears, then for sure, a man, in time, appear a mistress, and maybe not one.

There are, of course, and such men who have sexCosts an order of magnitude lower than the relationship between a man and a woman. According to these men, the main thing in love is trust. Once again, I repeat that how many men on the planet have so many opinions about what they value in love.

Also, men respect a woman, for respect forHim. In other words, according to men, a woman should take her place, and place them in the kitchen. Of course, this is a conditional place and simply says so, but no matter how it sounds rude now, it's a fact. Although a man may not be forced to obey him, do something for him, but if a woman pats his shirt, it will rise in the eyes of the man. And if she cooks well, then this will be just an excellent criterion when choosing a woman as a man. As they say: "The way to the heart of a man, lies through the stomach."

There is a type of men who fall in loveWomen, similar to their mothers, for them the main thing in love is a simple external similarity. Similar, both appearance and character. This is due to the fact that most men are looking for not just a beloved woman, but already a companion, bride, wife and mother of his future children. And, in a man, without realizing it, all associations, with the mother of his children and his wife, are his own mother.

No less important moments in a romantic relationship,Which pay attention to men, is respect for his interests. According to men, this is very important in love. In his understanding, if a woman respects and shares his attachments and interests, then she is more suited to him. Well, most importantly, this is, of course, loyalty to him. This is not even worth talking about, because changing, at least once, a woman, in the eyes of a man very much falls. For him, she does not become a woman of his life, but a woman of easy virtue.

In general, there are a lot of criteria for choosing a manWomen, and the moments that men most value in a loving relationship. According to men, the main thing in love is sex, and trust, and appearance and many more things. And they are all very different. For example, the first man wants his woman to look dazzling and that all other men have their jaws suspended, while the latter want his woman to look modest, so as not to draw unnecessary attention from the male side.

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