/ How to deliver an unforgettable pleasure to a man?

How to deliver an unforgettable pleasure to a man?

During sex, men like it whenThe woman shows how she likes what he does to her in bed. Therefore, more sounds! Scream, groan, eat, whisper, scream and so on. This instinct goes deep into our primitive past. When a female screams during intercourse, it means that the penis has been inserted deep enough for successful fertilization. In our time, everything is not so mundane, but, this is what men like most. Also, to achieve the goal, languid and passionate views and comments on what is happening are very suitable. Tell your partner how you want, and he will fulfill all your desires.

Particular attention should be paid to intimate hygiene. Remove all hair in the most gentle places. The man does not like "thickets", dirty nails, hairy armpits, lack of manicure and other things, without which it is impossible to imagine a modern woman. Visit beauty salons more often if there is no such opportunity, to carry out procedures of the house. Let you at any time be ready for close contact. Agree that you will feel much more confident, ready for any contacts, if you know that you are all right, the hair is removed, the manicure and pedicure are present.

Another important point that can ariseIn sexual life. Anal sex. Almost any man dreams of doing this kind of sex with you. First, it is forbidden, and therefore exciting, and secondly, men experience more vivid emotions during anal sex. With proper preparation, use of additional lubricants, anal sex can be pleasant to you. Pay special attention to preliminary caresses, let your partner prepare you, excite, and then, you will be ready for anal contact. In addition, the anal opening in men is hypersensitive. You can deliver real pleasure to your man if you caress your finger or tongue with the area of ​​the anus. During sexual intercourse, you can also stimulate the anal passage zone, this will bring real pleasure to your partner.

During sex, you can get moreA pleasure if you drink a lot of fluids. The bladder will be filled and will allow to experience pleasant sensations during sex. Men like it when, during sex, their partner feels pleasure, it serves as proof that he is a real and sexy lover. It will make your man happy. No less pleasure and pleasant sensations for your partner will be your technique of classic, oral and anal sex. Train more, read more literature, consult your girlfriends. Pay special attention to oral sex. This is what men value most. Caress your head and bridle as if you had in your hands the most valuable and most delicious ice cream. Show the man how you get excited about it. Greed fondly, talk about how great your partner's dignity, how beautiful it is. With the help of hands, you can also tenderly caress your male member. Remember that you have in your hands or mouth the most precious and tender that is on the body of a man.

All men love compliments. Even the most courageous, beautiful representatives of the sex strongly need praise and encouragement. It is important for them to feel that their actions are valued, approved and supported by all their endeavors. Especially during sex. If you confess to a man in your ear that you have never had such a terrific sex, then you will definitely win the heart of a man. It is also important to support him in life, listen, give advice, but again do not go too far with your zeal.

Smile is your most serious weapon. Smile more often, smile always! Men like cheerful and carefree girls. During sex, no less important is the smile. This is how your partner can understand that he gave you real pleasure. Smile more!

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