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What looks like men in women?

Even after many years the man will continuePay attention to the small details in your appearance. So, what mistakes you should not make in order not to alienate the man of your dreams from yourself, to always like and attract the attention of not only your own husband, but also the men around you. So, let us consider those moments that irritate men in the female appearance.

Presence of hair in those places where it should notbe. Armpits, legs, intimate places should be shaved or removed in other ways. Romantic mood can be spoiled, if suddenly the hand of your loved one touches an unshaven place. If a man on the street sees a beautiful girl who has hair through her pantyhose, he will never meet her. Well-groomed and beautiful girls like men. Of course, if your chosen one does not prefer "overgrown".

Bright and unnatural hair can scare awayEven the most patient man. Bright red, pink, purple, green and orange hair are good for masquerades, for teenagers, but not for a feminine girl. Choose calm colors of natural color. It is these colors that men like.

Unkempt and ugly nails, peeling off,Dirt, burrs and the like cause stubborn disgust for men. Representatives of sex strongly prefer well-groomed girls from the tips of the hair to the tips of their nails. Watch for manicure, visit beauty salons more often.

Strong and persistent smell of perspiration will not onlyMen, but also your girlfriends. The modern perfumery and cosmetic market offers ample opportunities for choosing the right deodorant. Take a shower more often, wear clothes only from natural materials, so you can avoid an unpleasant smell. The same applies to smell from the mouth. Visit the dentist, brush your teeth twice a day, take care of the mouth cavity and from your kisses it will be impossible to tear yourself away! The same applies to the smell of cigarettes and alcohol. If your man does not smoke, then it's worth throwing this addiction that negatively affects your health.

Another point that will always be annoyingMen in women's appearance - non-washed and dirty clothes. More often look through your wardrobe, get rid of old clothes, watch your appearance. On the contrary, the presence of a large number of cosmetics on your face, also will not cause approval from your man. It's unpleasant to kiss and touch lipstick and powder. Use more folk remedies that will help you always look good.

A heavy or clumsy gait can also causeIrritation in the stronger sex. Watch your gait, to correct a clumsy gait, you can go to dancing, to exercise and aerobics, this will allow you to correct the gait and become attractive to a man. Also a repulsive and wretched looks gait on high heels, on which you feel insecure. Choose comfortable and stable shoes, otherwise you risk falling face down right in front of the man of your dreams.

Frankly launched and flabby body, whichThere are folds and pronounced cellulite. Watch your figure, do sports, eat properly and you will not have problems with appearance and figure. Watch your moles and hairiness on your face. There is nothing more repulsive and unpleasant than a hairy face, tendrils and moles, from which the hair grows.

Also men and women's appearance are annoyedDirty and dirty socks, uncleaned and not well-groomed shoes, bright lipstick that leaves traces, untidy underwear, through a short dress or a haircut under "zero", aggressive behavior. Men do not like it when a girl drinks beer and burps at a table.

Being a woman is not so easy, but it's worth it! Being well-groomed and beautiful, stylish and modern is difficult, but at the same time beloved by a real man.

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