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Where do women have erogenous zones?

Who said that the erogenous zones should only beIn certain places? Such a one-pointed view can divide humanity into those who are sexual and those who will never know it. So what is the erogenous zone?

These are areas of the body that have increasedSensitivity, because they have many nerve endings that transmit the excitation signal to the brain. Such zones on the human body can be in very different and unexpected places. It is believed that women in such areas of the body are much larger than men.

Erogenic zones can occur due toIndividual factors, external circumstances, then also disappear. The sensitivity of such zones largely depends on temperament, situation, age, health and much more. The presence of positive sexual experience in the past contributes to the development of sensitivity of erogenous zones, as well as the negative one is able to completely freeze pleasant sensations.

Traditional erogenous zones ..

Of course, according to most, the mostErogenous zones in men is a member, in women - a clitoris. Other "classic" erogenous zones include: earlobes, chest, head, neck, groin area, thighs, fingers and toes, axillary hollows, lips. For someone, the caresses of these parts of the body immediately cause sexual desire, for others longer stimulation is required.

The male erogenous zones include: stomach, buttocks, scrotum, chest and back. But, a special place is occupied by the anus. Stimulation of the tongue or fingers can deliver a true pleasure to a man.

Women's same erogenous zones, according to manyRepresentatives strongly sex, are reduced to the clitoris, nipples, vagina, neck, ears, groin area. However, not many people know that if you give due attention to the area of ​​the body between the shoulder blades, the feet, then the partner will quickly become excited and will experience pleasant sensations.

Unconventional erogenous zones.

About classic sensitive areas of the bodyMen and women have written a lot, but what about non-traditional erogenous zones? For many sexologists, it has become a revelation that a woman can get an orgasm from stimulating certain points on the eyebrows or gums. Applying this to your own partner does not make sense, a man runs the risk of appearing abnormal. To search for non-traditional erogenous zones on the woman's body will need a sufficient amount of time.

The most famous point of G, according to many maleOpinions, if you find it inside the vagina of a woman, then you are guaranteed the title of the best lover. It is believed that if you stimulate this point with your fingers, the partner is able to experience a strong and vivid orgasm. Point G was conceived by nature to relieve pain during labor.

Another sensitive point on the body of a womanIs located just below the clitoris. It is called the U point. From stimulation of this zone, a woman should experience unearthly orgasms. Really, all the representatives of the weaker sex are all the same?

Find a non-traditional erogenous zone is very difficult. There must be a corresponding atmosphere, mood and many other external or internal factors. Strangely enough, but any area can be a sensitive zone on your body. And you can find out by experimenting. Each person is unique and unique. What is really for one, for another can be an annoying and unpleasant action.

Sexologists believe that there is some connectionbetween character and erogenous zones. So, if a woman likes a touch on her stomach, then she likes a busy and interesting life, fun entertainment and sports. If a girl smiles from touching her hands, then she is rational, serious and thoughtful, guided by reasonable arguments.

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