/ Why are all the guys so self - confident?

Why are all the guys so self-confident?

Self-confidence is a property of a person,Which reflects a positive attitude toward yourself, to your abilities and actions. At the same time, all his strengths are noticed not only by him, but also by others. That is, if we explain more simply, then self-confidence is when a person's assessment of his capabilities really corresponds to reality.

But, if a person's self-esteem is higher or lower than the norm, then this phenomenon is called either self-confidence or self-doubt.

It follows that a self-confident person is veryLoves himself, believes that all his actions are correct and his possibilities are endless. But, that he can be judged by others or does not accept his point of view at all in view of disagreement with his abilities - a self-confident person absolutely does not care.

What is the difference between the behavior of self-confident and self-confident person.

Here are a few examples that describe the differences between self-confident and confident people:

- self-confident people adequately treats and realizes their achievements in life, when as self-confident takes everything as a matter of course.

- a confident person knows his strong and weak sides. At the same time, if something does not turn out in his life, he will not play a tragedy from all that is happening.

- a confident person always knows exactly what he is capable of. The goals set always correspond to his real abilities. Self-confident people often set themselves an achievable goal.

- Confident people, when something is achieved inLife, this is very rejoice. If their life is a failure or failure, they do not consider this an excuse for frustration. A confident person will show strength, analyze all his mistakes, in order to avoid such a miss in the future. Self-confident people, on the contrary, with failures, perceive everything as personal insult. Often offended and locked in themselves, while not considering themselves guilty of failure.

Why are all the guys so self-confident.

To meet in our time truly confident inA young man became practically not real. Unfortunately, self-confidence in men often appears with age, when he has already achieved something in life and is firmly on his feet.

And, the reality is that young guys are often self-confident. This is expressed in the manifest rudeness, high ambitions, which are not backed by anything.

It's not paradoxical, but self-confident guys,If we delve deeper into their psychological state, they can often conceal their self-doubt. Self-confidence often arises on the basis of the emergence of shortcomings, with which the young guy by virtue of his age could not cope and overcome them.

Very often the girl's behavior and excessiveLove gives the guy the opportunity to develop self-confidence - the belief that he will not repeat and better than he is and will not be in the whole world. Self-confident guys heavily perceive constructive criticism, are very vulnerable and closed from society.

If your guy is a self-confident person. And, this hinders him, and you and the development of your relationship, then, in this case, you can choose two ways out of the current situation.

The first way is to try to help the youngTo gain self-confidence. Try to bring him back to earth and teach him to take his opportunities more adequately. At the same time, it must be taken into account that too radical measures - such as constant criticism - can greatly offend a person. Therefore, try to be more tactful, truthful, show maximum attention and love.

The second way out, as you can already guess, is the rupture of relations. The fact is that not every girl will endure the behavior of a self-confident guy.

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