/ How to find an approach to a guy?

How to find an approach to a guy?

In short, you want to be worn onHands. To get this, you need to work a little. Compare your boyfriend to the dog. Think about what cynologists use the means to tame their four-footed friend or find an approach to the animal.

Every dog ​​loves attention and affection. A man is no different from our faithful friends. He also craves affection and attention.

What happens when the master comes home? How does the dog meet him? Correctly, the dog is overflowing with joy, it turns around at the feet and asks that it be patted behind the ear.

Men will also be pleased if, when they meet with you, you will smile at him, and embrace him.

Many girls think that a joyful meeting is all nonsense. And here not. It is very important. Enjoy meeting with him, thereby you will solve the most problems in the future.

A man should strive for you and understand that you are pleased with the meeting with him.

Dogs perform only clear commands. Do you want to find an approach to the guy? Learn to formulate your requests correctly and clearly, it is very, very important. Men will gladly fulfill your request if you can bring it to him in clear language.

Always surprised the girls who believe thatThe guy himself must guess about her desires. Dear, is your young man a psychic? He himself never will guess. Remember this - never! And do not be offended and make him a scandal. Learn to be diplomatic and properly communicate your requests to the guy. Then he will make you happy.

Do not be shy. Be open and honest. The male brain works differently, it requires clarity.

Dogs love to play. Many girls and women refer to male entertainment - fishing, boxing, gym, hunting - as a meaningless pastime.

Girls, understand one thing, without these "stupid andMeaningless hobbies "men very quickly grow dull, swim with fat, lose interest in life and, even. To your beloved woman. Therefore, if you want to be happy and find an approach to your beloved, do not stop him from occasionally having fun, as he wants.

Dogs do not tolerate short leashes. Give the man the opportunity to relax. Do not encroach on his personal space. Constantly work, communicate with his girlfriend can not be one man. Every guy sometimes wants to withdraw into himself and just lie on the couch, switching channels.

Men, as well as dogs, can not stand, whenThey wear short leashes. Constantly your questions: where have you been? With whom was he? Who called? Why so late? You will achieve only That sooner or later, your young and beloved guy will disappear from your life. Learn to trust your man.

Dogs like to eat deliciously. "The way to the heart of a man lies through his stomach." I think that here every girl and woman will be clear and understandable. Although, if you're lucky, and your man is a fan of cooking, then you can omit this item, because you do not need to stand by the stove and come up with another culinary delights.

Dogs need to be educated and punished for misconduct. And with men. If a guy treats you without respect, then you must immediately stop such actions. Otherwise, you yourself will allow him to be impudent - sit down on your neck and put your legs up. The well-known fact that a man treats a woman exactly as she herself has allowed it. Therefore, do not relax, keep a man in a constant tone.

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