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The most gentle kiss

A kiss for a man means an opportunity to learnWoman. At the very beginning of the relationship, when there is still no "access to the body," kisses are particularly passionate, because it is with their help that a man compensates for the impossibility of obtaining more. When the long-awaited moment of intimacy happens, he is no longer interested in kissing and everything comes down to banal sexual contact.

Women in a different way refer to a kiss. For us, it's something intimate and intimate, it's a great way to get excited, express your emotions and feelings. We are more tender and sensitive beings. For us tactile contact is very important, that's why we like to hug and kiss so much.

In the family life of the right kisses is becoming less and less not because we no longer like this process, but because we relax and go on about the men. It's time to correct this situation.

The first thing to begin with is to look at yourSponges in the mirror. If you were a man, would you want to kiss those sponges? Practice, come up with various grimaces that can cause the desire to kiss you. Add some sensuality, sex and the man is yours!

Naturally, to kiss pleasantly well-groomed andBeautiful woman. Therefore, look after the health of your teeth, the smell from your mouth, healthy skin on your face and around your lips. Watch for the lips. In winter, use hygienic lipstick. Remove the dead skin particles with a scrub. May they always be gentle and inviting.

In order for a man to want to kiss you,You must be sure that you are the owner of the sexiest and most attractive lips in the world! Never grasp your lips or pull them into a thin stripe. Your mouth should always be relaxed, perhaps slightly ajar.

Look intently into the eyes of your man,Lick your lips, and he will immediately understand what you are implying. Learn to express your lips sexual appeal. Use lip glosses to increase their volume and give a kiss a gentle taste of a strawberry or banana.

To diversify your kisses with your husbandEnough to include imagination! Imagine that you are going to kiss this man for the first time. You do not know how he does it yet, and you want to make a tremendous impression on him.

Over time, we stopExperiment, and begin to kiss the same and monotonous. Of course, who will have the desire to repeat the material already traversed? Surprise your husband with a new technique of kissing. Very tender or, conversely, aggressively sexual. He will understand that he does not know everything about you, and you can surprise him.

Learn new types of kisses: French, Brazilian. Change the pace and speed of the movement of the tongue. Whispers of obscenity during a kiss. Tell your husband he excites you and you want him. However, do not do this when his tongue is in your mouth. It can not be erotic, but funny. And your involuntary (pre-prepared) groan will cause a man to get started and move on to active activities.

Learn to tease! Be a playful and passionate cat. It will please your husband, make you look at you in a new way, and once again make sure what right choice he made when he married you.

It is not necessary to kiss only on the lips. On the body of your man there is a lot of interesting places, in which you have not yet kissed him. How about the lobe of the ear, the index finger, palm, shoulder, neck?

The husband was praised during the kiss. Even if you are at an official meeting, go to the subway or sit at a party with your parents, a small kiss and a few words about how "good" he is, will definitely raise a man to the seventh heaven with happiness.

Kiss your husband wherever and whenever you want andWhen you see that he does not mind. During domestic chores, games with the child, watching TV. Yes, anywhere! The main thing is not to pester him when he is busy with something serious and important. At this point, most likely, you will not get a kiss back.

Experiment with kissing. Why not do it when you eat a delicious ice cream or suck a sweet candy? New, unusual feelings are guaranteed to you!

A sweet, gentle passionate kiss can breathe new emotions into your relationship! Do not miss this opportunity!

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