/ Why do not guys get to know each other?

Why do not guys get to know each other?

A familiar situation, is not it? Because of self-doubt, a man does not dare to make such an uncomplicated act as to approach and speak to you. In the end, it often happens that girls begin to believe that something is wrong with their appearance. After all, it can not be that a handsome and seemingly confident man is afraid to come to know each other.

Why a guy is not suitable for getting acquainted.

If you answer the question: Why the guy does not fit to get acquainted. There are two answers: he either does not want to approach. Perhaps he is simply examining you. Yes, you like him, but he does not want to take any kind of gestures in your direction, just laziness.

The second answer: the young man is afraid. His fear arises because of self-doubt. It seems to him that he does not like you. He is afraid that he will not be able to interest you or support the conversation.

His fears and self-doubt.

So, we found out that guys are not fit to get acquainted because of self-doubt and emerging fears in his mind.

What is he, exactly afraid?

Afraid that you will refuse him. For a man there is nothing more terrible than to hear no in response. Especially when he spends so much energy on the performance of the action. With failure, his male confidence, which is already bursting at the seams, falls below the floor.

Even more terrible for a man to be ridiculed. For example, your girlfriends. Do not look surprised and admit that your girlfriends are capable of this. Did not it happen in your girlish company that when a young man approaches one of you, the first thing he hears is a snide chuckle in his address. Exactly! Remember that if you find yourself again in such a situation, and a young man evokes your sympathy, then it is worth taking some measures. For example, move aside from your friends and continue talking with a young man in a more comfortable environment for him.

What to do with the indecisive guy.

All fears are due to self-doubt. So, you noticed that a young man who looks at you with a hungry look, does not dare to approach. Then, think about it - do you want it? Is it worth it to be upset that the guy did not come up? Do you need a young man who can not decide to come up?

If still your sympathy for the mysteriousA stranger is great, there will not be anything terrible if you yourself come up and start a conversation. If in this case, the guy is not even more afraid of your confidence, then you will see how much he will enjoy your action.

How to increase self-confidence and overcome fears (This block will be useful for the girls themselves, who want to increase their self-esteem).

In order for a man to overcome hisFears and gain self-confidence, you need to accept yourself, such as you are. Each person is unique in his own way. It is necessary to love yourself and accept all your shortcomings.

Do not constantly compare yourself with others. Self-discovery does not lead to positive moments, but only destroys self-confidence.

Remember that in the world there are absolutely perfectof people. Everyone has the right to make mistakes, therefore, it is not worth every time, with another failure, understate yourself in the eyes of others and your own. Accept failures and difficulties as an inseparable element of life.

The best thing is raising self-esteem - communicating with positive people who are able to instill in you the belief that you are excellent.

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