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Features: female sexuality

And very vain! Sex is useful not only in family life (as a necessary attribute) but also in the ordinary! Satisfied and sexy woman feels more confident and bold. It is easier for her to give all the tasks and problems that arise at work, at home, with friends, even in the store!

There are several features of female sexuality that will help you become a real Woman successful and happy.

Love your body!

In order to feel confident inStreet or in bed with a man, it is very important to love your body. No, I'm not talking about make-up, moisturizing creams, masks, milk and so on. I mean, you should be proud of your body. If you do not like something in it, so everything is in your power!

It is important to monitor yourself to always look atAll 100%! Well-groomed hands and feet, lack of hair in intimate places, clean hair, light fragrance of perfume - and you are a queen! In the trail you will see all the men and women will throw at you envious glances.

Watch your gait. Choose only comfortable shoes. Be gentle and plastic like a cat. Men pay attention to how you touch yourself, correct something on yourself. Look straight in the eyes, after all, an open and bold look belongs to a confident woman.

Respect the man!

A real sexy woman respects and appreciatesThe man who is next to her. And it does not matter, it's a constant partner or a chance meeting. Learn to understand men, feel them and anticipate their desire. Over time, this will happen at a subconscious level, but for now - train!

Never be afraid of men! Fear is a direct opponent of sexuality! Men very well feel us and our attitude towards them. Subconsciously, they will stop their choice on the one that is more open and is located to the relationship. For this we do not need to say anything, men immediately see our shortcomings in character. The key to success lies in respect for yourself.

Flirt with the men!

You know that the image of a whimsical coquette ofAmerican films like all men. So are you worse than overseas actresses? Play and flirt with men! Thus, you will let the potential partner know that you respect his manhood. After all, he is a strong hunter, and you are a weak flirtatious woman.

With the help of flirting, you show that you are feminine, tender and you need his care and strong back. This is what men value in their: the opportunity to feel real Macho.

Coquetry and flirting - a beautiful package for yourEconomy, kindness, intelligence, devotion and femininity. You know the male saying "it's better to be with the one that flirts well, than with the one that cooks well"? Take a note!

However, remember that you should not cross the line and become an accessible woman. Flirt need to be able to wisely.

Enjoy your life!

Learn to have fun in all areasYour life! Become a sensual and self-confident woman, and you will be able to enjoy every working day, evening activities and all the rest. Learn to see the beautiful around you: snowy trees, birds singing, a child's smile. This will allow you to always be in a good mood, be friendly and nice. Remember, female sexuality is inseparably linked with the ability to live and enjoy!

Enjoy the communication with a man!

Perhaps the most important quality in a woman is skillListen and enjoy the communication with your chosen one and from a joint holiday. To listen attentively and participate in the life of a man must be able to every sexy and wise woman.

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