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What most like men in sex

There is a huge number of statements that exist in society. We hasten to inform you that all of the below is a myth, has nothing to do with reality.

- A man prefers the mysterious behavior of his partner.

- A man will be scared off by the news that you adore having sex.

- During sex, a man does not pay attention to your appearance.

- The man remains the helmsman and during sex, so do not talk and tell him what to do.

- A man in bed is a silent person.

- A man is sure that the excessive activity of a woman suppresses his own self-esteem.

Does your man fit into one of the definitions? Then, you should learn more about your man, you know him very badly. Also you should understand what men really like in sex.

From time to time the same thing. Girls, if you are fed every day with your favorite chocolate, will you be happy? I think after a while, you can not even think about chocolate.

The same thing happens in your intimate life. Sex with a constant partner with time turns for a man in a real routine. For him it's like a habit. He knows in advance what kind of caresses await him and how you behave in this or that situation. There is nothing surprising that a man with you seems to be a boring occupation, literally hard labor.

Therefore, the first answer to the question, what men love most about sex: diversity. So, girls, include fantasy and come up with a new sexual adventure for your couple.

Silence is not gold. Who ever got you into your head, what about yourDesires in bed, a man must guess himself? You are silent, but at the same time you are not satisfied with what a partner does during sex. As a consequence - a bad mood in both of you and the lack of orgasm you have.

What do men love in sex? Frankness. Talk about your desires. Believe me, it will be a pleasure for a man to please you. Where it will be less pleasant to him, to observe your unpleasant face.

Snow Queen - this is far from the subject of adoring men. An enterprising woman is everyone's dreamMen. Do not be afraid to be the first in love caresses, thereby you will prove to the partner that you love him and he is desired. Passion, fire in the eyes - that's what your man wants to see.

Also, do not deny a man in sex. Is not he the most important person in your life? Is it possible to put unwashed dishes and sex with him on the same scale? Set things aside, enjoy each other.

Remember that you are a woman, even at home. Old robe, lack of hair and lightMakeup - do you think this can warm up your man's desire? Of course, your home is the place where you can relax. But. Not to the same extent. A man likes to look at a beautiful and well-groomed woman. Do not fall in his eyes, be for him always the most beautiful and desirable. A man loves his eyes.

Do not hide your body under the sheets and learnHaving sex with light. Your man will get incredible pleasure from this. Not only will he have the opportunity to touch you, so he will also have a unique pleasure - to watch over you.

Answering the question: "What most men love in sex", we gave the example of the most basic things. Believe me, to fulfill them you will not be difficult, if you want to give your man an unforgettable sex.

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