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What do men want in sex from a woman?

First of all, in sex, men want women who love sex. A woman has no right to hide her sexuality, her desires, sensuality and fantasy.

Men like to have sex with activeWomen, and not with a corpse. It is necessary to talk to each other about their desires and give each other recommendations, without hesitation in the clarified instructions. And then sex will start to please you more and more.

They love when a woman initiates sex. They like that you want it as much and it has you, and it works for them excitingly.

Men want women who do not shiftResponsibility for their enjoyment, called orgasm. Do not hesitate to tell a man what you like and what you want. Allow the man to fully study your body and try to adjust to each other. Do not be afraid if a man is shocked by your revelations.

Men love oral sex. Listen to your partner, try to understand his feelings, and oral sex will always be as a means of expressing love. Oral sex creates a climate of trust between you and your partner. Remember, during oral sex, do not use your teeth ...

Men like to have sex with women,Who take care of themselves. Men are quite annoyed when a woman does not love her body and does not look after him. Women also do not like men who do not follow their bodies. Well-groomed female body, as a manifestation of female dignity. Do not engage in cosmetic procedures and personal hygiene in the presence of her husband, as almost all men want to see in their partners - the goddess of sex.

Men like dirty conversations. Conversations about passion and love with elements of debauchery increase attraction. So, dear ladies, support the topic, this will a little revive you sexual horizons.

Men love the smell of a natural and pure body. These smells excite them more than the smell of perfume, toilet water, aromatic gels, even the most expensive ones. According to the results of scientific research, sharp smells do not excite, but only reduce the mutual desire.

Men like to have sex with confidence inTo themselves by strong women, uninhibited, and not fixated on their appearance or problematic places of their figure. It often happens that having lived more than one five-year life together, many women are embarrassed to have sex with their husband when the light is on, trying to hide the excess crease on the stomach or the "orange peel" on the thigh. Lovely women, remember that you are not loved for a separate body, but for your complete image.

Men like and need diversity, otherwiseSuch a quiet sexual life very soon can become moldy. And as you know, you always want to get rid of mold. The diversity of the strongest of this world is necessary as air to fish, so the change of poses is not at all the whim of a loved one.

Many, and perhaps most of the men, afterSex loves to luxuriate for a while in the arms of their beloved. Psychologists say that time after sex is hardly more valuable than sex itself. And if immediately after sex you rush into the bathroom in order to expel the scouts-spermatozoa, it is better to find another type of contraception.

The ideal woman in sex can be ideal only in that case, next to her ideal lover!

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