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Fat Burning Diet

The main effect of burning fat gives a largeThe amount of protein products for which the body requires more energy. And the vegetables and fruits included in the diet provide you with fiber and vitamins. Milk products produce the necessary amount of calcium. In addition, this diet eliminates the consumption of sweet, and therefore fast-digesting carbohydrates, instead of them you get "useful carbohydrates" in a limited amount. A sugar for the brain in a sufficient amount of vegetables and fruits.

Lists of permitted products

During this diet, you must eat according to the special lists of foods, there are three.

List 1 - proteins, you need to choose one of the options

  1. Two eggs in any heat treatment or raw
  2. 30 grams of any nuts (not peanuts)
  3. 60 grams low-fat cheese
  4. 100 grams of low-fat cottage cheese
  5. 170 grams of seafood or lean fish
  6. 110 grams of low-fat meat or ham
  7. 120 grams of low-fat dairy or fermented milk products, plus half a portion of other protein products.

List # 2 - any serving of fruit or vegetables

  1. Fresh vegetables in whole or in the form of salad (potatoes and legumes are excluded).
  2. 200 grams of any fruit in the form of assorted or one or two whole fruits (bananas and grapes are excluded).
  3. 300 grams of any vegetables (except potatoes), steamed.
  4. 60 grams of dried fruits. 150 grams of canned peas or corn.

List 3 - any portion of carbohydrates

  1. A small cob of boiled corn.
  2. Three to four tablespoons of boiled rice, pasta or buckwheat.
  3. A piece of rye, whole-grain or with bran bread.
  4. Two baked or boiled potatoes, three to four tablespoons of mashed potatoes, boiled peas, lentils, corn or beans.

Sample menu

The menu for each day is made in accordance with these recommendations.

For breakfast, we eat a portion of protein from the first list and a portion of vegetables or fruits from the second list.

For lunch, eat a portion of protein, a serving of vegetables or fruit, a portion of carbohydrates from the third list.

For a mid-morning snack, eat a portion of protein, a dose of fruit or vegetables and a portion of carbohydrates.

For dinner, eat a portion of protein and a serving of vegetables or fruit.

Recommendations for best results

In day it is necessary to drink not less than two and a half liters of liquid, preferably green tea without sugar or pure water.

In the morning for thirty minutes before breakfast, drink a glass of clean water, it will start the digestive system and will not let you overeat.

The fat burning diet is most effective if combined with reasonable physical training.

Do not forget that the protein diet is contraindicated for people with kidney disease, gout.

In addition, many people have a strong appetite, if you belong to this group, then in the afternoon, replace fruits with vegetables.

In order to properly exit the fat-burning diet, it is best to switch to a split meal, eating five to six times a day in small portions.

Champions of fat burning among fruits are considered to be pineapples and grapefruits, in addition, the latter contribute to a decrease in appetite.

This diet is good because it is quite diverse and you do not have to suffer from hunger because of the scarcity of the diet. This is also facilitated by four meals.

It is recommended to combine alternating meat or fish products with dairy or sour-milk, without getting carried away by either, so as not to harm the body.

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