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What do men annoy in women?


Even if you are greedy in the soul, andYou meet with a man because of his money, or in any case do not show it! It is the mercantile nature of men that pushes the most. It is not necessary at the very beginning of your relationship to arrange interrogations, where and by whom it works, and, even more so, how much it receives. You risk not seeing a man again.

Men like independent women. They are more pleased to make expensive gifts, knowing that you yourself are able to provide for yourself. And he will be able to give small pleasures, and feel like a real hero!


Men do not like very much when a womanRetells all the gossip that she heard at work, in the subway, learned from her friends. Talking about someone else's life is ugly. The constant "reproach" of other people will be perceived by a man as the lack of personal life and the fact that you have nothing else to do. You can satisfy the love for gossip with your friends, mom and anyone, but not a man!


Men love strong, independent andConfident women. If you always "whine" to the suitor about their problems, then, most likely, he will escape at the first opportunity. Nobody wants to take responsibility for themselves and for someone else's life. Some people are not able to solve even simple tasks: where to spend a date, what to wear, what to buy and so on.

Be independent and bold, but at the same time let's feel the man that you are a weak woman, who needs his protection, support and sometimes help.


There is nothing worse than tediousness. Constant sawing of the man, constant remarks, criticism of everything and everything very quickly lead men out of themselves. No wonder if you say "Well, you're a bore!" Work on yourself and everything will turn out for you!


Thank always for gifts, for help, forA wonderful evening, for what it is and so on. The more we praise a man, the more we tie him to ourselves. A little cleverly submitted flattery has not harmed anyone.

Men do not like when all their actionsAre perceived as given. He wasted his time, and tried very hard to impress you. And you, silently closed the door in front of him. Learn to speak complement and praise a man.


Men are polygamous by nature. Do not pay attention if your companion looks at others. This is subconscious, and does not mean that you are not interested in him. Nature is like that. Do not arrange an interrogation, where he was yesterday, why he did not call who is "Olya" in his phone.

Men do not like being jealous, especially without any reason. Unserved suspicions you can offend him and push him away.


Remember: never tell him about past romances! Do not compare a man with a former boyfriend, even if the comparison is for the better. Men love it when they are the only ones. The fact that you used to meet someone earlier, that someone kissed you, stroked, hugged and whispered tenderness in your ear before going to sleep, in itself is unpleasant to a man. Tales of the past pour oil into the fire. Talking about previous relationships, you can say only a few general phrases. It would be enough.


Hysterics and unbalanced persons are not loved by anyone,Men including. If you make hysterics about and without, you often change your mood, it is necessary to solve this problem. You can start drinking a sedative or call an endocrinologist to check the hormonal background.


Men do not like it when women talk a lot. Constant empty talk about anything irritates the stronger sex. Let me tell my partner about his news, events. Let him share with you experiences about work, about the future and so on. Learn to listen. Men appreciate this very much!


Constant complaints about how everything is bad, that nothing you can not do, can lead anyone, even the most patient person.

Being a real woman is a difficult task, but you can do it!

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