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What do men not pay attention to?

It seems to the woman that the man will necessarily pay attention to her pimple on the heel or will understand that her shoes were purchased at the sale.

Youth and beauty - this is what every woman tries to keep as long as possible. In the course are any means: plastic surgery, visits to a cosmetologist, rigid diets, make-up.

It was always believed that men do not payAttention to the details of your appearance or suit. But, as the study found, this is a misconception - men are very observant and for them are important little things in the guise of a girl, which she may even not suspect.

Instead of trying to answer the question: what men do not pay attention to, it is better to understand yet what men pay attention to.

Men pay attention to such trifles as the tone of your voice, the choice of clothes, the design of heels, the state of your nails.

It is very important for a man how you behave in the company of others and with him alone. He will pay attention and note for himself if you are nervous.

So the girl's fate can go in one of the following directions: either she will like the man, or he will not make serious plans with her.

Girls, read carefully and remember. We will tell you what men pay attention to.

If your behavior is absoluteUnpredictability. It's hard for a man to foresee what you will do or say in the next minute. It will only kindle interest and desire for you. The main thing is that he does not find you crazy.

That's how you dress. If a man is able to discern you in the crowd and your appearance does not pretend to participate in a masquerade - you are the winner. If you have a beautiful taste and femininity, then the man will be at your feet.

Men pay attention to the shoulders of the girl and her neckline. About the size of the chest speech is not, the main thing is that everything was perfect and harmonious.

Sexy shoulders and décolletage Will drive any man mad.

Lips. Well-groomed lips with a delicate skin and a light gloss coating - believe me, that's what men pay attention to, and that's all. If for you this discovery, then stock up on hygienic lipstick and be fully armed.

Nothing attracts men, like a healthy appetitewomen. If on a date you sluggishly picking a lettuce leaf, the man will make his conclusions that you are without emotional and absolutely not passionate nature. If you like to eat, then do not be shy, enjoy the food and let the man admire the pleasant picture for him.

Beautiful and well-groomed hair.

Men pay attention to the condition and purity of your hair. For them it is very important, and if in addition to purity, your hair will smell like a May rose, the heart of a man may not survive.

For men, your gait is very important, so they pay attention to how you walk, how you feel your body.

Men prefer Naturalness In everything. And especially, as for makeup. But, this does not mean that men do not pay attention to the redness of the skin, bruises under the eyes and pimples on the nose. Light, practical invisible make-up - a man decides that you are by nature so beautiful.

Do not be afraid To look the man in the eyes. The man thinks that since the girl does not look in the eyes, then he is not interested in her and she is bored with him.

Men pay attention to the condition of your skin. Yes, by the way, many of them visit cosmetologists themselves and carefully monitor the condition of their skin, so they will not tolerate a person covered with acne.

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