/ How to learn to skate?

How to learn to skate?

Choose skates

In order for the first to leave youPleasant impressions, choose high-quality skates. In no case, do not buy skates on the principle of "several sizes larger", since they should sit tightly on their feet. The boot should preferably be made of genuine leather.

An ideal way to select skates is to hike a specialized store. There you can choose from a wide variety of models, skates suitable for you.

In the world there are four kinds of skates: Figured, hockey, cross-country and children's (with two-blades), but in this article we will only talk about figure skates. There are three types of figure skating: professional, semi-professional and amateur. The difference between these types is only in price and quality.

Skids, skating, are made ofHigh hardening stainless steel. Expensive models are equipped with removable skids, because the boot body wears out not as quickly as the blade itself over time. A good quality blade is matte shine. Such skates need to be less frequently sharpened and they will have a fairly good glide.

The most correct argument when choosing skatesIs an intrinsic sensation. Arriving at the store and trying on 5-6 models, listening to the fact that they tell you their own feelings. It is necessary that the shoe is firmly seated on your foot, firmly fixing it in the ankle area. Skates should grip the ankle firmly so that the leg does not turn up. Otherwise, it is highly likely that you will be seriously injured.

Now let's talk about how to choose the right one forUs size skates. The best option is shoes one size larger, considering that you will need to wear warm socks and do not rub your foot. It would be nice to go shopping in well-laced skates. If it is convenient for you, then on the ice, most likely, will be too. Now we need to check the stability of the skates. Place the skates next to each other on a flat surface and if they do not falter, then you can safely buy.

Learning to skate on ice

So, in order to start skating you need to do the following steps:

  1. First you buy, skates or rent. When you receive skates, you should pay attention to their size. If the skates are a bit big for you - put on a thick sock. You need to skate tightly fit your feet and reliably sit on them. This will reduce the risk of falling and facilitate skiing.
  2. Securely lace the skates as tightly as possible andAll holes. After all, judge for yourself that it is better to sit down on a bench and lace up your skates not so much as falling ice during skiing. It should be borne in mind that skates, taken in hire, will be poorly quality, so after some time, you should string your skates to reduce the risk of injury.
  3. After you became on the ice, the first timeYou should hold on to some support (board or your companion). Rewind a little bend your legs. Man is arranged so that on straight legs he will not go far.
  4. If you got skates with teeth locatedFront, then you naively can assume that these prongs will help you at first. Do not try to push off the ice with teeth. You can imagine that you are wearing hockey skates.
  5. How to start skating on ice? From the rules of riding it follows that you need to push off the inner edge of the jogging leg, while the trailing leg is put forward. It is necessary to feel for yourself.
  6. Razveditenoski to the sides so that the legs were at an angle to each other and start skating.
  7. After a few steps, try sliding onBlades. The body should be tilted slightly forward to avoid a nocking on the ice or the side. Believe on the word that without falling, you can not do. All the debutants passed through the falls. Everything is known by trial and error.
  8. During the movement, you need to transfer the centrifuge withOne leg to the other, not forgetting to keep the knees in a bent state. Make a push with the left foot and the center of gravity will move to the right foot, and then vice versa.
  9. The main step in skating is corrected withUsing an external rib cage. It should be understood that it is necessary to push off not by toe, but by the edge of the ridge. Pull the right ice to the ice. Try to pounce and overcome some distance, sliding only foot. Then pull the right leg closer to your left leg and as soon as the rims become together, try to ride on two legs. Do not forget that it is necessary to bend your knees even before you make a push. Try to keep balance when you do it. Keep your head and back straight, and your knees bent. Start moving, carrying the weight of your body from one leg to the other.

The main secret of maintaining balance when moving on skates is in the technique of riding.

Consider the technique of skiing in stages:

  1. Standing in the direction of traffic
  2. Straighten the arms
  3. Head back straight, and knees in a bent state
  4. Ladonerzhite near the hips
  5. Slowly unfold the right leg and be sure to push the right ridge
  6. Slight bending knee, continue sliding with your left foot
  7. Drink your right foot off the ice. It is important not to push yourself with the toe, otherwise you can fall.
  8. When the legs are together, bend the knees for another push. Now push back with your left foot. Remember that only one leg should be in the center of gravity.

Another important point in skating onSkating is the correct inhibition. The correct braking looks like this: you carry the foot forward and brake on the ice with a thigh or a heel. In order for the braking to be successful, it is necessary to accelerate too little on the ice.

When riding, you must pay due attention to careFrom the ice. In this case, if you could not resist and feel that the fall can not be avoided, then try to fall on your side. Then slowly rise to your feet and get a prebort.

Care of skates

  1. Care for skates should be the same as loving other shoes.
  2. Do not dry the skates on the battery or over the gas stove.
  3. Enemy is, of course, rust. Therefore, if it appears at least in one place, then they will not be as good as before. Blades should always be kept dry.
  4. Do not hold skates in cases and bags for too long. They should be stored so that they are well ventilated.
  5. If you decide to forget about skiing for a long time, it is better to lubricate the skin of skates with cream for footwear or vaseline, lubricate the skids with engine oil and fill skates with paper. Then wrap it in paper and put it in a closet.
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