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How to deal with the jealousy of her husband

How to deal with the jealousy of her husband. The answer to this question can not be unambiguous. This is an expanded range of male psychology. They are inherently proprietors, and they do not like when someone encroaches on their property. They begin to fight for their love, only in different ways.

Method number 1. Jealousy on a household basis, which passesAlmost painless. The man in this case is jealous for the effect of relations. In this way, he seems to raise himself above rivals, which in principle does not exist. This way of jealousy helps a man to look at his wife in a new way, and gives a twist to intimate relationships. A woman at this moment is amused by her self-esteem, and understands that no one else is necessary to her husband. He is very afraid of losing his soul mate. The husband during the periods of such a way of jealousy, on the other will look at his appearance to keep his wife next.

At these moments, he thinks that if other men are looking at the spouse, then he made the right choice. And will appreciate and love your loved one more.

Method number 2. Hypertrophic jealousy. She kills normal relationships in the family. While you can control your spouse as part of the permitted, you can fight with his jealousy.

But, if it starts to go beyond the frameworkAllowed, then a woman can start shouting "Guard!", Otherwise the husband's jealousy will not bring the jealousy of her husband to the good. In moments of jealousy, he does not give a woman a pass, hammering her personality to zero, he refers to it as a property. This way of jealousy burdens relations, and each time more and more progresses.

Method number 3. Jealousy from the category of pathology. In moments of jealousy, a man is afraid of being deceived, all this is accompanied by neuroses and hysterics. This kind of jealousy actually does not respond to treatment, it is a persecution mania. A man at these moments draws in his head how and with whom his beloved woman can change. In this period of unrestrained jealousy, a man is ready for any antisocial act.

So why do men becomeJealous. All this happens for no reason, there is some invisible precondition for jealousy. Most often, jealousy comes from insecurity, so many psychologists say. Often jealous men turn out to be with an anxious-hypothetical complex. They everywhere are conspiracies, treason, they are very afraid of comparison, and most often greatly exaggerate the trouble, as they say "out of the fly of an elephant".

Jealousy is the infantilism that manifests itself in theImmature person. Jealous men need a sort of "mommy" who will be forever next to them and wipe their nose. Therefore, every step of the beloved, the man begins to control, if the woman went wrong, where it is necessary, this is an occasion for frenzied jealousy. And all this jealousy is accompanied by male hysterics.

And most often jealous, they themselves change theirSpouses. Therefore, on their own and judge their wives, since they can have time to go "left", so the husband also can. They suspect their wives in all mortal sins, while doing terrible things themselves.

Some jealous youths met withMarried ladies, and forever remembered that the lady is not married enough. And how they can get all this on the side. Then they can remember how you met him, and how you gave yourself to the first meeting. So you can do this with another man.

How to deal with jealousy? If you want to live peacefully with your spouse, you need to observe some rules of good conduct.

  • Do not provoke your spouse in trifles, you do not have to stay too long at work.

  • Devote your spouse to your plans. Be sure to warn your spouse if you are delayed.

  • Emphasize once again its merits, give your attention. Tell him nice and gentle words, do not forget to remind you that you are very happy next to him.

  • Admire him only unpleasant actors, men with non-traditional orientation.

  • No sexual games in bed, if you have not done this before.

  • Do not change your image very sharply, without agreeing this with your spouse. If you really want something new in your appearance, you ask your husband what he wants to see you.

  • If it turned out that you still changed your spouse. Do not tell him about it, even if he caught you almost at the crime scene.

  • And do not forget "The best defense is an attack!"

Most importantly, if you know about the featuresJealous nature of your husband, do not provoke him once again. Check his feelings for you, feelings may not remain, and proprietorship is always present.

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