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How to overcome shyness in sex

Perhaps the most important moment of your successWill become self-confidence. If the reflection in the mirror you like, you think it's sexy, then it is! Your man will see only what he needs to see. Buy yourself a beautiful erotic underwear, put it on and ponravsya to yourself.

Let always on your feet a beautifulPedicure, nails on the hands are brought in full order, and all unnecessary hair is removed. Such "combat readiness" fosters self-confidence. You will not be caught off guard by casual sex with a partner.

Be sure to visit the sex shop with a man. Overcome your shyness, and ask the seller to show you the biggest vibrator. Go even further, and buy it! To begin with, you can try a new "toy" alone. Only then use a vibrator in bed with a man. This will help you overcome your first shyness.

An important role is played by lighting. For men it is not interesting to have sex in total darkness. And you are confused by the bright light? Find a compromise. Light candles or a small table lamp, such muted lighting will make you feel comfortable. Do not be afraid that the partner will see your "shortcomings".

Choose a place and time for sex. The place should be cozy, in which you are pleased to be. The time should be enough for you to enjoy each other's company without being distracted by extraneous noises and not looking at the clock. Only in this situation you can relax. Agree that to get rid of his shyness, when the younger brother makes lessons behind the wall, or grandmother watching TV, it's very difficult.

In order to relax, you can takeBath with aromatic oil or drink a glass of wine. In addition, that your body will smell fragrantly, on your cheeks there will be a slight blush, which men like so much.

Throw out of your head all thoughts! Adjust only to sex, even if you do not attend to any thoughts about work, studies and a cunning friend. Become a depraved woman, in whose life the main thing is sex. Be insatiable and demanding. Such women really like men.

Learn to love your body. Learn all your charms in the mirror. Look at the intimate parts of the body, stroke yourself, masturbate. In this way, you will be able to find out how you like to be caressed. In addition, it is a good practice of training sexuality.

Watch porn movies. Learn from the heroines of different techniques, sounds and new poses. Believe me, many of them look worse than you, but they do not complete for a second and feel like goddesses. If in the mirror you see that you can get rid of a few pounds, then go in for sports. In motion - life! Plus stunning appearance will give you confidence.

Build a frank conversation with a man about sex. Find out from your partner what he likes in bed, what fantasies wander in his head. Tell him about what excites you, and what repels you. At first it will be difficult, but gradually, you will learn to speak directly and frankly about sex.

In order to relax in the process of sex,turn your Lights Down Low. Explain to your partner that in the dark, tactile sensations are exacerbated. Let him caress you (after all, the hair is shaved, you smell delicious, why not?).

Agree to experiments. Sexual life is so diverse and fraught with many mysteries and magical emotions. To understand what is most pleasing to you, you can only try. If you do not like what a man does with you in bed, tell him about it. Sex is a pleasure for two.

Scream and moan during sex, men get it. They present themselves in the role of "macho", which gives the woman great pleasure. Show him how you like all that he does to you. Get rid of shyness will help graceful movements, like a cat. So you definitely will not look ridiculous and stupid.

And lastly: It does not matter if a man goes to a "more depraved" woman. It is still unknown who was lucky. The main thing that you feel comfortable, do not worry about every random or planned sex. And your shyness will pass.

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