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The problem of gambling and its consequences

The research departments involved inThe study of the problems of gambling and its consequences on society concluded that basically become addicted to gambling those people who want very quickly and easily to improve their financial condition. But this point of view is not shared by all, since there are a lot of people among the players who are well-off. Therefore, many experts do not share the view that the main reason is the desire to improve their financial situation.

There are people who are completely indifferentAre related to gambling, and some are very emotional. Just the second category of people with an unbalanced nervous system and become victims of gambling. Such people have such a sense of excitement, which is equal in intensity to the strongest euphoria. Therefore, to date, the problem of gambling is placed on one level with such global problems as drug addiction, substance abuse and alcoholism.

Modern research in the field of gambling gaveSome results that allow us to judge about the reasons for such a strong craving for gambling. Qualified specialists in this field report that during the practice of gambling, the brain so-called pleasure hormones (endorphins) are synthesized into the human blood. It is the endorphins that make the player constantly enjoy the game process, and the result of the game for such dependent people is not so important. Therefore, even with the biggest win, gamers can not stop.

Specialists in the field of studying psychologyA person is divided into several levels of development of this dependence. At the first level, a person plays only out of curiosity, while hoping for a win. Then after losing a certain amount of money, the gamer continues to play, hoping to win back the lost amount. At the next levels of gambling, people are increasingly overwhelmed by the feeling of waiting for a big win and it becomes more difficult to give up the desire to play. Scientists find it difficult to answer the question when a person is already completely dependent on the game. Probably, then when the gambler independently on the statements and wishes of his friends, relatives and relatives still go to a casino or a game club. In the future, with constant losses, the gamer becomes more irritable and aggressive, scandals begin in the family, problems appear at work. And as a result, the loss of family and work.

The most interesting thing in the current situation is thatSuch dependent people perfectly understand that only they are guilty in this problem and even constantly ask and beg for forgiveness and promise that they will not play anymore, but this is only until they see a casino or a game club.

In the end, the loss of one's close and promising work causes a person to fall into the deepest depression and even to thoughts of suicide or the commission of a crime.

It is especially alarming that children and adolescents become more and more ill with this disease.

How will get rid of such personality-destroying dependence?

In order to get rid of this diseaseA very strong emotional stimulus is needed, which will become a greater dominant than the game. As an example, you can offer jumping with a parachute, jumping from the tower, skiing, surfing or mountaineering. If none of his hobbies are of interest, then a consultation of a psychologist is necessary.

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