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Why are guys afraid of beautiful girls?

Why are guys afraid of beautiful girls? The answer is simple, like five cents - a man is afraid. What? - you ask. Let's try to figure out what scares men in beautiful girls.

Firstly, a man is simply afraid to approach you,So he thinks that you will definitely refuse him. Just imagine, he gathered all his strength into a fist and decided on such a step - to get acquainted with the stunning beauty. And here, he took and was refused. What did this happen in front of everyone around? What in the end? The guy's self-esteem falls to the level of the plinth, cursing everything, he promises himself that he will never do it again in his life.

Only it is worthwhile to understand, but do you need suchCowardly guy? Girls, you need to know that if you are really interesting to a man, then nothing will stop him and he will get your attention. Well, or at least try to do it.

Why are all the girls afraid of me

Another reason, just do not laugh. The guy is afraid to get acquainted with the beautiful girl, because he does not know what to do with her if she agrees to leave her phone number. Is it funny to you? But, the reality is that the guy is so unsure of his abilities and that he can interest the girl, that only one thought scares him, that she can agree to go out with him on a date.

He is afraid to approach you, because he thinks thatYou and your girlfriends will laugh at him. And this is the most terrible punishment for a man and his self-esteem. So, if he likes you too, then it's worth moving away from him with his girlfriends. Men are very vulnerable, and only we can protect them from serious attacks on their self-esteem.

All the reasons why you can explain whyGuys afraid of beautiful girls, boil down to banal - self-doubt. And, you, lovely and beautiful girls, here absolutely at anything. To deal with their fears and complexes only a man can. But, if his sympathy for you is really strong, he must overcome all his fears. Otherwise, it will miss, perhaps, that same one.

Another reason why he does not approach you - He does not want this. Yes, he looked at you all evening. But to look in our country is absolutely not forbidden. Admired by your beauty and everything, he does not want to do anything else. Why, ask? Maybe he's lazy or he has a girlfriend, and go against her, even if you liked him very much, there is no desire.

Girls, if you are afraid to approach the guys,Just because you are too beautiful, and he is afraid that you will reject him or that he will not pull you - this is not your problem, therefore, do not get upset and think that the reason is in you. Let him regret that he missed such a chance - to get acquainted with a beautiful girl.

But, nevertheless, if the man you like does notDares to approach you. And you like it very much and then you will long regret that you have not met, there are several ways that a man should do to overcome his fears.

First, it is not necessary to approach and immediately begin to get acquainted and admit to love. You can after all come up with some interesting question that will intrigue the girl.

A beautiful girl is not necessarily a fool. It's time to bury this stereotype. If the girl is beautiful, this does not mean that she does not have enough gray matter in her brain.

A man must understand that his insecurity in himself, just the fruits of his imagination. To increase their self-esteem, only the young man himself is capable.

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