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Impulsiveness psychology character trait

Impulsiveness is a character trait. Impulsiveness as a character trait lies in the fact that a woman always knows the answer to any question (even if it is incorrect). Only on the way problems arise, the woman immediately turns into a counterattack and starts her "fighting" actions. Although in his right mind he understands that this can not be done and it is necessary to apply more reasonable decisions, but nothing can be done about it.

And how easy it is to make conclusions in a hurry without thinkingAbove the results of these conclusions. True, when emotions subsided and the mind turned on. The woman understands her reckless move. But it's very difficult to turn back the clock and fix the error. How can you learn to properly treat situations, not to solve everything at once and with a hot head.

An impulsive woman in many ways resembles a small,An unreasonable child. She is like an unintentional child, follows only her own emotions and fleeting impulses to action. Most of all, he does not realize what he has done, nor what he says, nor does he do anything.

But still, there are positive features in impulsiveness:

  • Resentment does not mean vindictiveness and vindictiveness;

  • Bad mood lasts a little bit of time;

  • Decision making takes place in minutes;

  • All questions are always answered;

  • In fact, it assumes all responsibility;

  • Always active;

  • All arising problems, click as "nuts".

These qualities are available to the few. But, unfortunately, such manners of a high-speed car are not always brought to the good. It gives a lot of trouble not so much to others as to itself. The consequences of actions and words do not always go unpunished, because in most cases they are offensive and contradictory to the general set of rules.

In order not to disturb the peace inSurrounded by. You need to learn to slow down the corners. Before. Than something to say or take some important decision, it is necessary to count to 10 and back and only then to open your beautiful mouth, for the statement of the next decision.

If the woman can not stay, sheNeed help from others. It is necessary to agree with family and friends. To help them control their emotions with certain conditional signals. Which they will serve at that time. When a woman begins to "cut from the shoulder" again. It can be different signs from the word "stop" to clap your hands. Stopping, the woman will be able to appreciate her words and deeds.

Curb own impulsiveness andEmotionality is very difficult. It is not immediately possible to solve this difficult problem. Close women and others are likely to know about this character trait and try to treat her with loyalty to what has been said and done. But unfamiliar people can be frightened of such inadequate behavior, and this can simply lead them into a stupor. The impulsive person should immediately report his character traits to the surrounding and unfamiliar people so as not to harm himself. And learn how to apologize, for what they did during the "fever".

And the most important thing is to remember what can be correctedWhat was done. Just need to find the right words. For example, you made a rash decision, the next day or after a while, you can refer to the rashness of the decision and take another more reasonable and weigh all the pros and cons.

Constant work on yourself will lead to positive results.

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