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Wedding - step by step

Then there will be children, everyday problems, but if people love each other, everyone will overcome and survive. It will all be later, and now it is necessary to prepare for the happiest day in your life, the day of the wedding.

This seemingly outdated custom, Little by little leaves our crazy world. People, especially women, become emancipated, and do not want to be bound by marriage. If earlier marriage was a yoke on the neck for men, then in the modern world more women are inclined to this opinion. It can not be said that this is bad, people get used to a higher social position, strive to realize themselves, to make a career, and then take care of their personal lives. But no matter how many women refuse to be ranting ceremonies, be beautiful on such a memorable day, every bride wants. And do not let there be a chic wedding dress with a train, a wedding, a limousine. But there will be a memory of a bright day, which will never happen again. We must make it unforgettable, not for display, but for ourselves. In ten, twenty years you look at the pictures and videos, and smile, remembering your happiest day.

Put the ring on your finger in the registry officeThis is not a feeling that you should feel inThis moment. And the words of the leading ceremony that you must be together in sorrow and in joy are not empty. It is necessary to realize, the ring on the finger, this is not a collar, but an invisible but dense connection with your mate. Now you are one whole, grief, problems, failures, illnesses, everything is divided into two. But love will conquer all and joy, happiness, will be in your house a full cup.
A wedding is a step to be taken by the confident inTheir love people. Ready to live all your life and support in a difficult moment, understand, forgive, respect and appreciate. It is difficult to argue with the fact that there are cases when a woman or a man agrees to a marriage of mercantile motives (money, power, living space), and it is such people who have turned the mysterious rite into a farce. It is according to their examples that many couples are now divorced, such excuses as "they did not meet characters", can not serve as a reason for such a serious step. Now everything is solved easily and simply, a quarrel means a divorce. Nobody thinks, maybe if one person compromised, a divorce could be avoided.

Wedding - a ritual passed through the centuries-old trial. The sacrament of oath given in eternal love. Throwing words, means betraying all ideals, and no matter what the wedding was not, you give a promise to yourself. Having chosen your partner in life, you bind each other by marriage, and do not hang a collar around your neck. You yourself have chosen this person. So, then you should not complain about life. And to cry to friends in a vest about their fate. Sometimes, the reason for disappointment is banal envy. Here's a friend is better, and I so want.

Prepare for the wedding you need very carefully, And not only to the banquet. We need to prepare mentally, weigh everything and realize. If this is "your" person, then boldly step on the difficult but happy road of life, called the family. But if there are doubts, it's better to postpone the celebration, check your feelings, readiness for a joint life. Even if you lived together, this is not a reason to be absolutely sure that you made the right choice. Since to meet, live together, and family life, these are three completely different things.
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