/ Why do men cry?

Why do men cry?

Why men cry. There are several reasons for bitter male tears, or one's mean tears. If a man drops this tear, then he does not become a "rag", he simply can not contain in himself all the bitterness from what is happening. And only a very strong person can show their emotions. And the weak will fear general mockery.

The most terrible tragedy that can causeA man to cry, it's the death of someone from close people: relatives, friends. Although in this difficult period of life, he simply must remain adamant to life. Take all the burial problems by yourself. This is a very complicated procedure, it requires special willpower. But, at a time when all the arrangements for the funeral are over, the man relaxes here and out of it, either an animal roar, that hopelessness, or just the cheek that will buy the man's tear.

Very many men can not hold back tears atParting with your beloved. They do not have the strength to fight, to return the beloved. From all that is happening, they begin to have melancholy, and they can, like women, sneak into a pillow. But it will only be one moment of these tears that no one will see.

During church services, men alsoTears come through. But, this is already spontaneous, it's God entering their soul, and revealing all the hidden corners of the soul. At this moment the man becomes himself, and does not show his strength and masculinity. He becomes just a child, clean and open.

Women think that only they can zealouslySurvive the disease of children. That only they can empathize with others. A man in the understanding of a woman, most often a soulless block that can not show its emotions under any circumstances.

If only women knew. What happens in a man's heart at this moment. How painful and lonely he is at these moments. He can not cry like a woman, he can not call his friends and cry in his vest. Because it is made of another "test", more prolonged than a woman.

Have you ever wondered why menMore often die in more mature age from heart attacks. Just because they can not show their emotions, their tears. All this remains inside them, and breaks the heart gradually into small pieces. Eats the soul. Burns fire all the insides of the body. But they can not show this, because they think it is beneath their dignity.

But where do they then spill out their emotions? They find another way out, just drink, drink and drink. It seems to them that alcohol is the only way out of all positions. In order for men not to become isolated in themselves, they did not go into drinking-bouts, we-women should help them. We are first of all mothers who should and simply are obliged to feel their sons, their husbands, brothers. Women are much stronger morally than men.

You can not humiliate a man if he everShed a tear in front of you. Male tears are different from female tears. Women cry about and without it. A man can only cry at a certain moment, when his soul is already full of emotions. A man's mean tear - it means a lot, it means that the man with you is sincere and introduced himself to you without his hard shell.

Women take care of men, there are not so many of them in thisWorld. Let them relax at home, let them cry and even cry, and you just silently listen to their cry of the soul. Never, remember never laugh at a man's tear.

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