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Diets for fast weight loss: why there is no result?

Myth 1. The best diet is giving up food.

This is the most pernicious myth among other similarFables about what a diet for fast weight loss. He gained popularity "thanks" to the mannequins. The popularity of this myth, fortunately, has now slowed down, because it is unlikely that the example of the many female (and even masculine!) Lives that anorexia has taken away can be called particularly inspiring. No doctor will challenge the truth that extreme nutritional restrictions ultimately lead to unpleasant consequences: when the body experiences an acute lack of energy, the very first resource from which it replenishes it, unfortunately, is not just excess fat at the waist , And ... muscles. Including the heart. And as for extra pounds, with such difficulty lost by refusing food, they have the opposite property of abruptly returning immediately after the end of the "hungry regime". And sometimes, even doubly! Do you like this diet?

Myth 2. Sugar is poison.

Quitting sugar is difficult. And although in theory it is possible, in life it is absolutely not necessary. Because sugar is not as bad as the advanced dieticians say about it. In the life of a modern business woman, there is too much stress and nervous tension, which sugar helps to fight. Of course in small doses. In order not to gain extra pounds due to sugar, remember that it can not be consumed more than 80 grams per day. This applies not only to tea and sweets; Sugar is added, albeit in small quantities, in many first and second dishes, as well as in ketchups and condiments. If you are not sick with diabetes and the diet you choose requires a complete refusal of sugar, do not give up sharply. Remember that it already participates in your metabolic processes, and a sudden refusal of it will become a shock to the body. The reaction can be most unpredictable, from a sharp drop in blood pressure and shortness of breath, to a set of extra excess weight.

Myth 3. Diet is needed in order to lose weight without physical exertion.

Over this purely feminine delusion laughs allA strong half of humanity, which, as you know, do not feed bread, let me release a couple of jokes about any diet for rapid weight loss. But men, strangely enough, do not worry about yesterday's dinner dumplings, "practicing" it today in the gym. And this is just the case when a woman is not always right and she should listen to the male opinion. Here is the medical rationale for why yesterday's dumplings dinner is not being postponed today to excess fat at the waist of those who at least swings the press: the higher the muscle mass in the body, the faster it is metabolism processes. In other words, nature itself has created the human body in order for it to run, jump, pull, spin, dance, train, but not for lying on the couch. If the body does not receive the necessary training, the health first of all suffers. That's where the extra pounds. And no, even the most advanced diet, will not help the body until it rises from the couch and begins to do gymnastics.

Here is the secret of why all these "miraculous"Means for instant burning of fat "are a trivial pumping out of money. As you can see, in fact, the recipe for harmony is not so complicated: a full-fledged, balanced diet, plus exercises in the gym or in the open air, which do you prefer? Choose the sport that you like, and throw out diets for quick weight loss from the head. You do not need them anymore.
Movement is life. This undeniable truth is relevant in any era.
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