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Hidden sexual signals of women

Most women often use the languageBody, even without knowing it, sending hidden sexual signals to surrounding men in order to attract or interest them. The latent sexual signals of women can be diverse - they can express sympathy, fascination or sexual desire.

Women are rather mysterious in creating nature, butTheir thoughts and desires are very easy to understand, if one knows about what signals the body sends a woman liked by her man. When meeting with a nice man, every woman always straightens her back, lights turn on in her eyes, which quite often gives out even the most reserved ladies. Therefore, when dealing with a man, one should not only watch his facial expressions and body movements, but also his body signals, as one can give out his feelings and tell a lot, even without starting the conversation. The latent sexual signals of women are not as obvious as men's, but an experienced interlocutor or just a man who likes you will understand them right away. To do this, you do not need to be a specialist in psychology or NLP, most importantly - be able to feel the mood of the interlocutor and monitor his arbitrary and involuntary gestures and manner of conversation.

Coquetry of women with a man like them alsoContains sexual signals. If you want to let a man know that he is not indifferent or just cute, then the choice of gestures and movements is simply diverse! For example, when talking with a man you like, a woman shows her interest, if, when one foot is tossed over to the other, the toe of the shoe or knee is turned towards the interlocutor. The same method involves coquettish play with a half-detached shoe, a toe again aimed at the interlocutor. You can also accidentally touch the other person, while looking into the eyes for a long, long look. It also looks very impressive with the laid-back exposure of parts of the body - for example, the neck, the inside of the wrist, ankles.

If the interlocutor is not indifferent to the sentSignals, he will try to copy your gestures, but of course, not all. To the primordially male signals of seduction include the correction of a tie or belt, a reluctance to look into the eyes and "secret" glances. A direct look in the animal world is considered a sign of aggression, in this regard, men, obeying primitive instinct, do not look like a woman in the eye. But since all men are hunters and conquerors by nature, they always try to touch a pretty woman when they talk or meet, and, thus, try to interest her. Therefore, the man's signals of sympathy are easier for the woman to see, and, accordingly, to respond to them.

Also, women, when a man appears, stop talking or start whispering, trying to intrigue and interest the man.

And most importantly - if the man is shy, then,Of course, you can flirt and flirt like that, but most importantly - do not overdo it, because you can just scare or show yourself not the best side.

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